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Coyote the Trickster

Coyote the Trickster styled in the Tlingit Native American art style.
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VERY cool and stylish! I can picture this being his design in some kind of animation ;)
Hi there. Sent you a note about possibly using this image on a book cover for the University of Nebraska Press. Please email me at if this is a possibility. Hope so! Thanks.
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Finally some one drew Coyote in NorthCoast style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is an awesome pic that would go well with a presentation i am doing. Would you mind if i use it? or 417414118four
Hi, I love this Coyote artwork, I'm an Argentinian writer and I'm currently writing a poetry book of native-american myths based on the works of Franz Boas, John Swanton, and others. I'm planning on publishing it next year, and I would really like to use this illustration for the cover, I usually would draw the cover illustrations myself, but this is too good. If you're interested here's my e-mail adress:
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THAT's a really farout trickster! I love his grin! It's so mischieveous and humorous at the same time!
This pic would make a nice T-shirt motif.
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That's really cool! I like how you incorporated the inuit graphic feel
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That's cool! Feels very tribal and awesome. :) I would agree with the previous comment: this reminds me of the Coyote from Gunnerkrigg Court. Even some of the design principals (Although I'm sure you're drawing from the same source).
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Yeah, I've been reading Gunnerkrigg since someone linked it a year ago, though I've been exposed to North-Western Native American art-styles all throughout elementary school (California has a huge emphasis on the cultures in Social Studies), the style I based this on in particular in an 8th-grade project.
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Might have to look that up. I love the lines and the color choices.
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Ever read Gunnerkrigg Court?
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Yeah, I do. I think they've pulled ideas from a broad variety of Native American art styles for their Coyote.
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Cool. I like yours, too.
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