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Animated Fox Doodle by HyraxAttax Animated Fox Doodle by HyraxAttax

Here’s an animation doodle I did during Thanksgiving.  I decided to try out the animation features of Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro 7, which I got the week before while I was at CTN.

I wanted to try out the animation features added in SBP7, since I liked how the brushes worked in SBP6, but I was disappointed to find out how limited it actually is - you get only two real layers to animate on, and a third layer for a single background drawing.  Keyframes are also not layer-independent like they are in higher-end animation software like Flash or Toon Boom.  You basically get enough layers for a single character’s rough and clean animation.  The onion skinning is also hard to read, if you’re a light sketcher like I am.

Another big issue I have is that the program only lets you export your “flip book” as a PNG sequence.  You need a separate program to compile it into an animated GIF or video format.

While I wouldn’t use this program for any serious animation production, it is a great program for students who want to do short pencil tests (I am sure it’s possible to get TVPaint-quality stuff out of it, if you’re crafty and very patient), but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the bigger suites.  I think it was only about $30 for a one-year license.  You will need to find a GIF or video-editing program to show your animations outside of the program.  I’m sure there are free options, but I haven’t needed to find one in years.

spacebites Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh it's so perfect
Dahakka Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Professional Filmographer
wonderful motion arcs and spot-on spacing.
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