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Multispecies ARPG

Welome to Hyraeth, a fantasy multi-species inspired ARPG
The game takes place in an ancient/post-apocolyptic world known as --

Three faction rule over their own provinves, but each are connected to eachother in some way.
It's not always easy being part of these factions, for each day is a struggle in and of itself. And who knows when the walls protecting you crumble between factions.

Currently, Hyraeth is under construction in the early stages of development. Check back at a later date or message us if you have a question.

The roleplay will have some mature themes, some at an 18+

Things like, gore, violence, cursing, and innuendos, Player and Reader discretion is advised.

Consider joining us on Discord for updates, exclusives and previews of the group.



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Welcome | Group Rules | Design Guide | The Bazaar | Members List |
Iyaara Castle | Ekhiral Tribes | Maraichte Fleet

Welcome to the Bazaar

Here is the only place where you can buy all the latest and coolest things in Hyraeth by using dionas.
Dionas are the in-game currency earned by submitting art and literature to the group. All your earnings are for use for all of your characters. They do not have their own individual stashes

To Earn Currency

You can earn Dionas through submitting art and literature to the group. All your earnings are for use for all of your characters. They do not have their own individual stashes

Monthly Earn cap : 20 Dionas

Disclaimer to earning Dionas, the pieces of art and literature must be canon to the story.

Monthly Special Events : 3 Dionas +(Special Currency)
Fully completed mse’s
Passed mse’s will be worth 2

Art Pieces : 2 Dionas
Characters must be fully colored
Sketchy lines are the minimum requirement
Basic / simple loose backgrounds are the minimum
Both digital and traditional count

Art Collabs : 3 Dionas
Added for teamwork reward
Characters must be fully colored
Sketchy lines are the minimum requirement
Basic / simple loose backgrounds are the minimum

Single Literature : 2 Dionas
800 word minimum

Group Literature : 3 Dionas
Added for teamwork reward
3  Post per person minimum
Group rps with up to 5 players require only 2 posts per person.

Comic Pages : 4 Dionas
Must include at least two panels of your character
Does not count for panels with minor edits from the same base.

Animations, PMVs, AMVs : Custom
Judgements will be based on effort
Mods will take a vote for your reward

Spending Dionas

You can spend dionas to help give your character many lavish decorations and even pets.
Not only that but the world of Hyraeth is filled with magic, and your charactr can be blessed with a gift, granting them a special ability.

Each of the magics have their own set of abilities and rules. This magic is not all powerful and does have it's many weaknesses. Be warned, for some magic could even be the death of the possesor. 
Currency - Obsidian / Dionas @TheMonikir

Natural Items : 
1 Diona
Anything that can be found fallen from an animal or on the ground and used as an accessory. Simple things such as: Flowers, Twigs, Feathers, Claws, etc are all acceptable as Natural items for use.
Characters joined to Ekhiral or Maraichte get one free natural item

Extravagant Items :
2 Dionas
Any item that is not found in nature falls under this category. Anything with metal, fabrics, gems/stones, and intricate patterns is acceptable as a purchasable item. To give an idea to what you can do with with this item, create hoods, helmets, circlets, capes, collars, etc.
Fur dye is also on the menu, it can only be used on small portions and can not be over saturated, the fur it is applied to must be pale enough for the color to show.
Characters joined to Iyaara get one free extravagant item.

Familiar's Blessing :
4 Dionas
Sometimes the world can be lonely, you can purchase a pet! Pets are NPC but not the same as Livestock. While livestock owned by farmers are just background, Companions are up close and personal. Acceptable types of companions are, Reptiles, Birds, Rodents, Stock animals. Your companion can be a llama! Though try to choose something compatible with your character.

Faction Purchases

When you first join you are at the starting Tier 0, and you have no task. By purchasing your first rank up you are then moved to Tier 1 rank in your faction and gain a task/job within it.

Tier 1 + Task Gain : 2 Dionas
Congratulations, you have officially joined the ranks of your faction. Please send in a note to the group with what task you’d like. Each faction may have different names, but are all the same.

Tier 2 : 4 Dionas
Middle rank among your faction  you now are eligible to take on apprentices and train others in your task

Tier 3 : 6 Dionas
Highest rank other than your leader and the hand selected Tier 4. You are now respected and established in your task. You are head of your task and manage the ranks below you.

Changing faction 3 Dionas
Joining rogues 4 Dionas
Leaving rogues 1 Diona

Character Slot Purchases:
Additional characters are limitless, but you should be able to handle them all.
2nd characters are free
Additional characters are all 10 Dionas

Creating A Family

Become Mates: 6 Dionas
Both interspecies and same species.

Have a Litter: 4 Dionas
pay per cub
max 4 cubs
Parents may split the fee
If the parents would like to own one of the cubs, their fee is waved and the character slot is free.

Special Abilities

Spell Magic:
40 Dionas
Tier 1 | Slots: 0/5
Characters with spell magic are often referred to as, witches, wizards, or magicians. They can create a spell using books dedicated to the art. They often times follow recipes for magic potions and elixirs as they are the only ones to infuse magic into the recipe. They can cast spells often said with poems, haikus, or short phrases. Some stronger spell castors don’t need to say anything at all. More about your abilities restrictions will be noted to you.

Mage of the Elements: 
40 Dionas
Tier 1 | Slots: 0/5
Harness the power of the elements with this ability. You can harness one of the primary elements, Water, Fire, Earth or Air. Or choose one of the secondary elements, Electricity, Poison, Ice, or Flora. While the mage can not produce massive storms, they can however pack quite a punch. More about your abilities restrictions will be noted to you.

The Psychic:
50 Dionas
Tier 2 | Slots: 0/1
Granted with the third eye, the psychic has the strongest soul of all and they have the ability to speak to the dead. They are bridges to the other side. Psychics can communicate with wisps, ghouls, entities. However the psychic is more likely to be haunted, for they often have many spirits tugging at their ears all at once.

The Empath:
50 Dionas
Tier 2 | Slots: 0/2
Blessed by a softer version of the psychic gift, the empath can see into a person. They can feel the emotions of those they touch and while they may not be able to see images, they can certainly feel energy and emotions tied to people and objects. They experience everything emotionally attached in just those few moments. Strong empaths can also see the energies off of others which appear in different ways, such as colors, sparks, clouds, etc.

The  Seer: 
60 Dionas
Tier 2 | Slots: 0/2
Perhaps it’s not a blessing to see glimpses into the future. Another ability of the psychic kind, the seer can see glimpses into the future and into the past. At times they can see the variety of scenarios that could unfold. The seer can get premonitions at times. The seer is often taken for granted until they can prove themselves worth something.

Blue Shade:
60 Dionas
Tier 2 | Slots: 0/2
Gained the ability to control shadows at will. Those with this ability can cast a dark shroud over others and give them dark thoughts, cast nightmares and devour any light. Create forms from shadow. The blue shade can come in many forms and various ways but it always that… Shadow.

Yellow Gleam:
60 Dionas
Tier 2 | Slots: 0/2
A pillar of light, They can control the light around them or even form spheres right in front of them. They can cure bad dreams and grant heavenly ones instead. The yellow gleam is harnessed by the sun and becomes weak at night. This gift come portray itself in various ways but has always been a mark of light.

80 Dionas
Tier 3 | Slots: 0/1
The necromancer perhaps has one of the most powerful types of magic to exist. They have the power to raise the dead. They are often sought out by the grieving to bring back a loved one. Anyone who the necromancer raises from the dead is then owned, and must obey their command. Depending on who the necromancer is, they could be darker and hold tight to their undead slaves, or perhaps let them back home to freedom. More about this ability and it’s restrictions will be noted to you upon purchase.

Resurrection: (Unknown)
Must have a Necromancer in game.
A resurrection only works once per character.
An undead character can age and die in any way a normal character can.
Undead characters can not have children, take longer to heal, and are unable to build muscle or gain weight. Undead characters blood is darker and thicker than normal, skin is pale. Their blood does not flow at normal rates.

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