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Monster Manual Page 7

By Hyptosis

"Grik launch monster manual on web-thing called Patreon! He tell you lots good monsters that he beat all by himself. A couple elfs started writing things but Grik correct and smart them up. Grik notes make you almost but not as smart as Grik."

"Spread Grik legend by putting monsters beaten by Grik in 5th edition Dragony Dungeony game!" - Grik

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:nod:  I can almost imagine a deep monotone-like voice for this character "Grik"; rough but above average intelligence, Orcish I presume...

I also had the chance to get a good close-up read of the card; it's nicely constructed, stats are good for an enemy ( and it makes me wonder how one becomes the unwilling host for such a monster :nuu: )

Nicely made! :manhug:
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Thank you so much! Yeah, making these is a blast and it's fun to RP this Grik character!

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:manhug:  I know it's sad to see that Adobe Flash is being phased out, but I do hope one day I get to see a game you have made be offered in the Itch.IO repository :la:
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I know, I'm going to try to get back into game making soon. ;_;

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:tighthug:   There, there... I understand, senpai~
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