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Should probably state some semi-official commission terms for renders, if anyone out there is interested. If you want a relatively simple scene with two or three people and no elaborate sets or props, I'll do it for $10, payment via PayPal (or possibly via a DAZ 3D website-gift certificate.) I always try to find free and legal props to use, but sometimes a person has to shell out cash to get something, so if you get exotic with your requests, you'll need to pay for that left-handed size 23 gurning wrench.

I don't ask for money in advance, but once the image is done, you don't get more than a teaser before I get the cash.

If you pay me, I will do non-hypnofetish stuff, and/or femdom malesub scenes. Male-male stuff is fine too.

I'm willing to do fanart, though though there are limits with 3D stuff, at least the stuff I currently have access to. See my "Anime Dolls" sequence for an example of what you might get.

I reserve the right to reject requests. Things I will not include:
Children. Absolutely never, no matter how tame the scene.
Graphic violence towards humans or animals. I'm willing to show "tasteful" dead bodies and mild bondage, but no mutilations/dismemberments/cannibalism/physical torture.
Explicit sex scenes.. maybe. Depends on exactly what you want.

And of course, you can just give me a donation via PayPal at
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Interesting idea!  Let me check my account and check back with you...

I -do- have a few ideas.  :D