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I forgot to mention, if you liked the recent Valkyrie Squad set with the Marionette Master, I have a short set of renders for sale with a similar theme, and exposed female body parts. (Not the Squad, their stuff will remain PG rated for now at least..) That and a couple of other things are available over on the Mall of Erotica, for $5.

Or, you can pay me $5 directly via PayPal (, and I'll get a .zip file to you one way or another.

EDIT: Should have said, there are 21 .png images in the set, and no text or dialogue. And if PayPal isn't an option, or refuses to cooperate, I'll also take a month of Core membership here on DA (again $5) or $5 dollars worth of store credit over at DAZ 3D, where I can buy some more props and such. ( using again the address.
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Have a couple of commissions being posted over the next week or so. If you're interested in getting one, it's $10 per image, assuming you only ask for two or three characters, and not a mob-scene or some really elaborate set. I'll do femdom/non MCish stuff if you pay me. Yes, I'll do mainstream superheroines. Things I don't do: children in any context whatsoever, graphic violence/dismemberment/explicit deaths, explicit sex scenes, exposed male sexual equipment (or at least I can't post that sort of thing on DA..)
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My personal website over at is currently completely offline. I don't yet know what the problem is or if it can be fixed. Further bulletins as events warrant.

EDIT: It appears that the hosting service did some kind of server migration. I've rejiggered the required settings and I at least can see the page again, but it may take a couple of days for everything to filter through The System.
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One of my images got nuked for content violation. I'm not gonna contest it, cuz I can see why it was singled out, but it's kind of weird that it happened two years after posting. And sadly, it's one of the ones I'm prouder of. For any Hypnohub users, it's image 47702.

EDIT: DA also doesn't like Hypnohub links, so let's try this: hypnohubATnet/post/show/47702/
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Since I've had a couple of people ask.. there are a handful of folks here on DA whose work I have enjoyed and admired long enough that I will produce Free Stuff to help celebrate their public birthday announcements. Everyone else, right now, sorry, no. If you shell out $10 for an image, sure, I'll give you whatever you want, within the usual limits, no kids, no scatplay, no racist stuff, no extreme violence. And if you want to see it posted here on DA, no exposed male genitalia or explicit penetration.
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Happy birthday to  White0wlsuperheroine. I'll get back to the Evil Alien Plant commission tomorrow. And as I noted elsewhere, I've started another collaboration with Northern Chill on MC Comix, this time with an aerobics theme. If you're an MCC member, enjoy.
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I've pretty much quit taking for-free requests, but here's an exception. If you have a female human(ish) character over the age of 18, and would like to see her as a victim of my Dollmaker character, let me know, and I will add her to a single-panel group-shot of dolls mounted on display. Doesn't have to be a superheroine. She'd appear nude, with purple-ized hair and any 'accessories' still in place. First come, first serve.

And no, you don't have to have a 3D model, just some sort of picture I can use as a reference.

EDIT: I've probably got enough to work with for now, thanks to all who replied. If I have any more room, I'll reopen it.
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If you're a member over at, I've made my wishlist public:

And yes, you have to be registered to see it, but it's a relatively painless process, and free unless/until you buy me something.

One thing I always want more of is DAZ Genesis 2-compatible hair props, both male and female. If you see one over there you like, gift it to me and I'll try and use in some render. For gifting purposes, my Renderosity ID is hvoyer.
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First, if you are out there, thanks to CR for sending me The Big Green Guy, he's watching over me as I work.

For all my other loyal MCed minions.. if you want to send me presents, you too can access my Amazon wishlist, found here:

Another even more productive way to help out is with a gift card over at the DAZ Studio website:
Which I can use to buy more props/clothing/hairstyles for my renders.
You need to give them this info:
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Should probably state some semi-official commission terms for renders, if anyone out there is interested. If you want a relatively simple scene with two or three people and no elaborate sets or props, I'll do it for $10, payment via PayPal (or possibly via a DAZ 3D website-gift certificate.) I always try to find free and legal props to use, but sometimes a person has to shell out cash to get something, so if you get exotic with your requests, you'll need to pay for that left-handed size 23 gurning wrench.

I don't ask for money in advance, but once the image is done, you don't get more than a teaser before I get the cash.

If you pay me, I will do non-hypnofetish stuff, and/or femdom malesub scenes. Male-male stuff is fine too.

I'm willing to do fanart, though though there are limits with 3D stuff, at least the stuff I currently have access to. See my "Anime Dolls" sequence for an example of what you might get.

I reserve the right to reject requests. Things I will not include:
Children. Absolutely never, no matter how tame the scene.
Graphic violence towards humans or animals. I'm willing to show "tasteful" dead bodies and mild bondage, but no mutilations/dismemberments/cannibalism/physical torture.
Explicit sex scenes.. maybe. Depends on exactly what you want.

And of course, you can just give me a donation via PayPal at
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I posted one original piece of my own work. Tomorrow (Feb 13) I plan to start posting the conclusion of the Anime Dolls commission. And I'm still plugging away on another chapter of the Dollmaker saga, but as usual it is running long and I want to actually finish it before I start posting it.
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I've had one of my old drawings marked as possibly being in violation of DA's Terms of Service. I'm not too upset by this, since it.. might genuinely be in violation. I'll leave it up for now and see what happens, but if it goes, so be it. I'll try reposting it elsewhere.
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I haven't had too much trouble personally on this front, but I see from this message:
So heads up DA Crap
That CuriaDD has had material removed and given a one-month suspension. Which sucks of course. And if it happened to her, it could happen to me. So if I or another of your DA haunts disappear, you know one potential reason.

It's doubly a shame, because I like posting here, I get far more feedback than any other venue I've tried. I do have some stuff up at, and I suppose that's one place I'd go if I did get booted. Also I have a personal site at, which I don't use as much these days, but is also a place to go if you need the latest news.
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Another set of props I'm not currently willing to pay for myself but would use is this collection over at Hypnorotica:…

So, rounding up, if anyone out there gives me $20.00 via PayPal ( I'll do at least one scene using the gadgets, and you can name the victim-type, if you have a preference. Heck, if you pay me, he can even be a dude, if that's what you want. Anything except children.

EDIT: For the record, even if it makes me a total sucker and chump, no, I'm not knowingly going to use pirated copies of any of these props for my work.
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I've been working a Valkyrie Squad pic involving a medusa. However, I'm poor and can't really justify shelling out $ for a decent snake-hair prop that I probably will only use once. So, if there is a fan out there of female-famale medusa/petrifaction images that wants to see this done right, here's your chance to contribute. If you act quickly, I can get the DAZ 3D prop for only $10. My PayPal address (and regular address, if you want to send any other messages..) is
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I'm coming back to life somewhat after dealing with my Real Life issues. It'll still be a while before we see another Dollmaker chapter, but I am working on some less ambitious stuff.

For example.. if anyone out there has an OC who is an overtly alien-looking gal (ie, green skin, antenna, stuff like that) who would like to see her be a victim in one of my renders, drop me a line. First come first serve.

EDIT: I got a suggestion to just use an Adorian from Star Trek, so OK..
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Reached 100,000 page-views. Thanks all. I'm going to disappear now for at least a week or so. See you all when and if i get back.
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Thanks to everyone who replied to the last post. I've been talking to another DA-denizen about having her heroine appear in the series, and she had some suggestions/requests that I will try to incorporate. So, if/when I do another Dollmaker chapter, it'll be.. a little different than what came before, and probably feature more of a mixture of looks for the dolls.
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I've been getting a surprising number of people saying the Dollmaker should either put his superheroine dolls back in their uniforms, or design some sort of uniform for them to all wear. So.. any fans out there.. would that be more sexy than having them be nude?
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I finally broke down and bought a new computer. I guess the new arrival is still not absolute top-of-the-line, but early tests show it working much better in the rendering department than my old underpowered warhorse. I will always be fond of the old model, it hung in there and did the best it could for me, but I had to do some pretty ridiculous cobbling-together of scenes at times.

Sadly, I also have some personal issues looming which may reduce my presence here for a time. Keep on keeping on.
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