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Valkyrie Squad: In the Depths 6

Ocelot Maid darted her eyes around, regaining situational awareness. She was floating out on the open seabed, a long stretch of sand marked with a scattering of rocks and clumps of seaweed, the last slowly waving in the dark water. Various harmless small fish darted by. No scent of trouble, no good place for anyone to be lurking in ambush. She looked down. She was staring at a pair of purple breasts. She looked up. The breasts’ owner, Emerald Swordfish, was floating under her, her head tipped back, obscuring her expression. Ocelot Maid wasted a moment wondering again why ES had chosen to call herself Emerald when she was as noted purple, feeling that she was forgetting something really important, but then she got back to business. She had ES’s buff torso in a tight embrace. She actually had to make an effort to pry her hands and arms free, but she finally managed it, and drifted higher with a flick of her spotted tail. Another automatic scope of the surroundings, going wider this time.

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