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Watch the watch

By hypnovoyer
Still working on learning lighting in DAZ. It's amazingly difficult to light an entire room so the characters look OK and all the props are casting even halfway-decent shadows.
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so this is what it looks like:

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Cool! Thanks for animating it.

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Command me, master.
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Ah. Another waif who stared too long at the spinning shiny watch..
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She should be easy to control.
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I have to check out those films, they both look very interesting!! =D the perfect background for such a lovely scene!! 
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Just be aware that neither of them can be called a good movie, unless you have an interest in hypnofetish scenes. Mask is somewhat better in mainstream terms (if only because of Von Stroheim), and has some male-male stuff, and one very good male-female scene. Voodoo Man has more hypno material with zombie-gals in robes and a female-victim summoning scene.
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now they sound even more interesting, thanks for the review... =)
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Nice!  Great render.
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Nice work ^^ I think we can RP with this one as well ^^
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We'll do it in notes
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Ramboona never fails!!!!!
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Only if you play bongos while doing it!
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