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Valkyrie Squad: Sleepwalkers

I've mentioned the good Doctor before, but this was my first attempt at actually depicting him. Aliens aren't openly appearing the Squad's home city of Nordic Bay, but they sometimes discreetly pass through. And I guess succubi are always around!

Guest victims: Thani sh'Endress ( by Euel and Sarith ( by TomLinkens

And of course Andorians are the property of the Star Trek folks.
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Better than making dollies of heroines!
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In some moral sense?
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no--just for the heroines!
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The "good" Doctor had better hope that his "Somnus Inducer" works real good on Andorians, 'cause when (not if, when) Thani wakes up, Dr. Kraken is in -deep- poodoo!  Did i mention the fact that Thani (in her dark past, reckless youth and all that) used to belong to an Andorian dueling club?  She wielded a "Fisherman's Knife", think something like Prince Nuada's sword from "Hellboy: The Golden Army", because she's from a fishing family and learned to use one since she was big enough to hold one.  When she says she can "literally gut, filet, and de-bone you like the catch of the day", she -means- it!

Oh, I forgot to say, she's Chief Medical Officer of the USS Endurance.  She's saved the entire crew more times than they care to count.  Her captain considers her a "sister from another sire", the crew thinks of her as "the Ships mother figure", and Captain Kain has been know to play fast and loose with Starfleet rules...  (Not to mention having 3 trained telepaths aboard.)

Captain Kain:  "Have the sensors managed to find our Doctor yet, R'Nira?"

Science Officer R'Nira:  "We've narrowed it down to an area of this "Nordic Bay" city, but there's some sort of jamming, Sir."

First Officer T'Pala:  "Captain, may I suggest that we gather more data before taking overt action?"

Kain:  "An excellent idea, Number One!  Dress some of our Intel people like the locals, brief them to the gills, and have them poke around and read the local fact sheets and data networks.  Keep up our watch on their radio chatter and the visual scans on this city.   Praise Kahless we don't have to disguise them, if we use Humans."

Diplomatic Officer Magoc:  "Sir, perhaps she is being held by one of the local factions, rather than the authorities.  We could attempt to make contact with Nordic Bay law enforcement, and find if they would cooperate with us, or at least share information.  Avoiding public displays is, as always, something I would advise against."

Kain:  "As always, sound advice.  Have -one- of our people do that.  However, this is an alternate timeline, and has seen extraterrestrials.  I think we might have a slightly freer hand than in our own universe.  I'll hold off on hovering over their city and threatening to turn it into a smoking crater, for now anyway..."

Ops Officer Teg:  "Sir, speaking for myself only, I think when we find where they've got Doc, we beam down some or our Marines and if the bad guys are stupid enough to ask for a quick ticket to the Vault of Destitution, we sell it to them, -cheap-!"

Kain:  "Let's hold onto that thought, for a moment.  We'll -try- to find Thani, using whatever local resources we can use.  We'll do our best to get her back, as quietly as it takes, with as little fuss as needed.  If it takes a certain demonstration of force, we will make that demonstration, using -just- enough force, and no more.  However..."  Kain smiles, with no trace of humor, displaying sharp teeth.  This, combined his forehead ridges, pointed ears and neatly trimmed Van Dyke beard, gives him a decidedly non-angelic look.  "...if they harm her, we shall teach them the terrible folly of their actions.  They will get a very "public display" of our displeasure.  We shall hand out free tickets to the Vault of Destitution by the handful, and those who take them will not like the price they pay."
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Cool, but since my Valkyrie Squad stories take place in  the (relatively) present day, we should assume this Thani is an alternate version than your canon character, maybe working for a very similiar Federation that wasn't founded by Earth, but occasionally sends (mostly) covert observers to the planet to see if we're ready to join yet. She was doing this stint when she got snagged. You'll note I -did- give her a slightly different uniform badge. :-)
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Sounds -very- reasonable!  Of course, in -my- head canon (which is where Thani and the rest of the crew lives until I can get them on-screen and on-line) the 'Endurance' could have gone both sideways and -backward- in time.  Your world could be a temporal analog, when it's 2017 your time it could be 2507 in the 'Endurance' universe.  Or their "Federation" could've been co-founded by an "Earth" that was somehow -identical- to your Earth (See the TOS show "Miri.) but advanced 50 years both technologically and temporarily.  (I'm thinking interference by either the Q, the Iconians, or the Preservers...)

Anyway you think of it, there are lots of ways to fix it so that our canons line up, if anyone wants them to...  :D
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Well, whatever her reason for being in range of Kraken's device, she probably won't turn up again anytime soon- if I include any more alien gals, I'll make them green-skinned most likely.
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Can I volunteer my blonde Orion?  ;)
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They'll probably be more "Martians with (different) antenna", but maybe someday I'll do something more overtly Star Trekish.
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So this takes place in the Valkyrie Squad Universe. Then a Succubus, or Succubi could work, as you already had that Pumpkin Guy versus Valkyrie Squad. 
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Yeah, magic definitely exists in their universe. I've thought about adding a full-scale magic-user to the Squad, but I haven't decided what she might look like.
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A black policewoman being hypnotized?!?! Christmas has come early this year! 
Black women in uniform in peril is one of my favorite subjects! She looks so sexy. I'd love to se hr in bondage, perhaps with her own handcuffs. 
Thanks so much for sharing and putting a black woman in this peril fantasy! 
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I suppose your name might be a give-away on that point. Glad you liked it.
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Not bad!  Reminds me of the Dream Machine episode of Challenge of the Superfriends.  Though having them perform missions in their nightwear is far sexier!
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That probably was a subconscious influence, yes.
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