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Valkyrie Squad: On Display

Things look bad for our heroines, with their bodies paralyzed and their minds being smothered in shimmering golden bliss, but they'll probably find a way out of it somehow..

Of course The Empire Strikes Back did it first, but thanks as always to ladytania for inspiring  this particular variant. 
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-jabba likes this- jabba 
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Tell him I'm glad to hear that!
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really amazing! Gold is always better than carbonite! Shinny superheroines.
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Or some gold-like substance, anyway..
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Could i use my muscles to break free if they caugh me?
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In strict physical terms, possibly, but the coating also places its victims in a blissful mind-deadening suspended animation, so probably not.
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WOW!!! Great job! :-)
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wow! cool! :-)
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Why do you say things look bad? They're golden!
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What are you talking about, they've never looked better!
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I suppose so from certain viewpoints!
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Or if not... Life as a trophy isn't so bad!
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You can get used to anything..
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