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Valkyrie Squad: Lair of the MarionetteMaster



As noted,  this one was inspired by/swiped from one of :iconblack--wave:'s fine drawings (fav.me/d91rkqm) so thanks to hir (EDIT: and idea-creator Mr. Mesmeric).  For those who want to know how the scene ends read on:

"She gave one last scream.. and pulling against the clamps, contorted her limbs into a seemingly impossible knot. The device bent, twisted, strained to keep up with her...
And failed. With an agonized metallic squeal, it shorted out and fell to pieces around Ocelot Girl's body, even as she dropped back to the floor and instantly sprang away again, before more clamps burst into view. In one fluid motion (teeth gritted) she snatched up Emerald Shrike's sword from where it had fallen to the floor, suffered the resulting electric shock, and hurled it at the viewing window. The MarionetteMaster just had time to give a surprised yelp and duck out of the way as the weapon smashed broadside against the reinforced Plexiglas.. and shattered through it like it was spun sugar. He jerked back upright, and Ocelet Girl was already there, through the hole, over the control panels, one set of claws mercilessly clamped around his throat, other other hovering centimeters from his face.
And behind that, all of the heroine's glittering white teeth were on display.
"Like she said. Let 'em go. Now.'
He frantically groped, found the right control sequence, activated it. The clamps around the other three women released, and they all collapsed in boneless twitching heaps.
The MarionetteMaster almost immediately joined them, both in terms of location and physical status..
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Love the picture but I was wishing for a thorough mind wipe of each girl and lifetime of eager sexual servitude .....   ;)