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There was a tap at the door, small and respectful, just audible over the soft music.
The bald somewhat skeletal  man in the looming black chair did not look up, not at first, but finished tracing a gloved and boney forefinger along a line of the manuscript which sat in the center of the vast equally black desk. Another line. One more. Only when he reached the end of the current paragraph did he lift the finger from the crinkling page, lift his head. His thick clunky glasses caught the wan glow from the shaded desk-lamp, the only thing repelling the flock of shadows which clustered on all sides. He fussily closed the manuscript's heavy leather cover, adjusted the white sleeves of the coat which hung scarecrow-like from his body.
The door immediately opened, its hinges discreet and well-oiled. A woman stepped into view. Tall, brown-skinned, wearing a crisp one-piece nurse's uniform which flattered her rather Amazonian curves, a matching cap perched atop her vigorous fuzz of black hair. She arranged her legs (long, athletic, bare), crossed her own gloved hands in front of her in a decorous fashion, gave a respect bob. She did not speak, but stared at him wide-eyed and rather owlish behind her glasses, again a match for the pair he was wearing, though not quite as thick and heavy.
Somehow subordinate to his, perhaps.
He studied her back for long moment, then spoke.
“Yes, Mindy ?”
Another bob.
“I'm sorry to interrupt your studies, Doctor Scrumshaw, but you did Instruct me to inform you as soon as client #42-23 was ready for you.”
“Mm?” He fished into one of the coat's many pockets, produced a golden pocket watch dangling at the end of a chain; Mindy's head dipped a fraction so she was staring at shining disk, her eyes possibly glazing a little in the process. He clicked at the catch and the watch's lid flipped open, and he studied the information revealed. “It's a little early, yet.”
He snapped the watch shut with a click, and Mindy in turn instantly snapped back to attention.
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw. Client #42-23 is responding extremely well to her treatments.”
“Mm. Well then. I shall be be there directly. You are dismissed, Mindy.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.” She bobbed a final time, turned away, her hips swaying in a graceful but mechanical fashion. He touched at one of the desk's many drawers, and it slid open. He set the manuscript carefully inside, then touched the drawer shut, .pushed back the chair, reassembled his own body into an upright position. Gully revealed, his coat was as clean and cared for as Mindy's uniform, but still managed somehow to look crumpled and worn.  He made his way across the room to the door, which Mindy had left open. He started to leave, then made a nearly silent 'ah' and turned towards a corner of the room. There was a low cabinet there, made of the same wood as the desk, and sitting cross-legged on it was the source of the music: the woman playing the violin was small and rather fragile looking, her slender torso decoratively wrapped in silk, her long blonde hair spilling far down her back.
“Iliana. Come along.”
The music stopped, and Iliana bobbed her head.
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw..” She inserted the violin and bow into a waiting stand beside her, uncoiled her own set of bare legs and slid them down onto the floor.
They left the room, Iliana brushing at a wall-control as she followed him out the door. The desk lamp flicked off and the shadows triumphantly swooped in.
The corridor beyond was nearly as dark, illuminated only with double strings of lights spaced at tasteful lengths near the intersections of wall and thickly carpeted floor. Other doors loomed up out of the darkness, faded away, all closed and anonymous.
Finally, at one that looked exactly like all the rest, he stopped, fished in another pocket and produced a bristling keyring at the end of another chain. He sorted through the collection, finally settling on one and successfully deploying it against the door's lock.
Another darkened chamber.
The door closed and locked behind them, the duo separated, Iliana padding into a corner, where a vast collection of clear crystalline bowls of various sizes awaited her, filled with colored water. She squirmed her way into place among them, once again crossing her legs; she checked water levels, tapped at glass, finally wet her fingers in one of the smallest bowls, and waited.
The Doctor stepped  forward into the center of the room.
There was another chair, not quite as overwhelming as the one behind the desk, but constructed along similar lines. He settled into it, spun it into position. Before him now was a bank of controls, knobs and sliders and switches, and glowing read-outs, nestled elegantly in more black wood, trimmed with spotlessly polished brass. He spread his fingers, passed them over the display. A stalked microphone was waited, and he adjusted it minutely, and then nodded, satisfied.
And beyond all of this was a low dome, looking very much like a giant version of one of Iliana's bowls, turned upside down, and covering, sealing, a sloping and heavily padded depression in the floor. White gas swirled there, around and around, getting thicker as it pooled at the bottom of it all.
Nevertheless, the woman lying there was clearly visible; in this one small place there was light.
To say this woman was distinctive... She was not as tall as Mindy, but nearly as busty, with a long and flourishing train of mottled-blonde hair twisting its way down her back. It was hard to say if she was wearing a matching furry skin-tight costume, or if it was actually spotted fur, but the pointy ears nestled in the hair atop of her head were definitely real, their tips could be seen twitching.
As did the very tip of her tufted tail, which otherwise lay like a dead spotted brown-orange snake.
Her hands and feet were curled into nearly literal claws.
Scrumshaw waited, waited some more, then at some specific moment, lifted a finger. Iliana in turn carefully, slowly, slid one of her fingers along the edge of a bowl, the movement nearly the same as his when reading the manuscript, and producing a tone, a soft, eerie wail that lingered in the air. The cat-woman spasmed, once, sharply. Iliana began stroking other bowls, and there was music, or at least something that flirted with being music.
He waited a moment longer, then spoke.
“Hello, my dear.”
The woman under the dome spasmed again, more strongly, and her head jerked upright; she had large circular white pads attached to each of her temples, to her forehead, to the side of her neck, the backs of her hand, other places; at the center of each pad bobbled the lighted tip of a wire. Her eyes were closed
She was not facing him, but lay at a seemingly random angle.
“How are you feeling?”
Her head bobbled as well as she spoke, grave and earnest., her eyes remaining closed
“I.. I'm feeling very well, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Are you currently awake?”
A shake of the head, more of a twitch.
“No, Doctor Scrumshaw. I am deeply asleep.”
“Good. We are making excellent progress.
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Now, my dear, do you remember your assigned Tone?”
“Yes. Doctor Scrumshaw.” Another twitch, a possible note of panic creeping into her voice. “That's.. that's the only thing I can remember..”
“Sssh. Relax.” He touched a control, the gas swirled faster.. “Completely peaceful and relaxed.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“You remember what you need to remember.”
“I remember what I need to remember.”
“You also remember my voice.”
“I also remember your voice.”
“Just listen to the music, and listen to my voice.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Now, when you hear your assigned Tone, you will remember how to open your eyes. You will open them, but you will not wake up. You will instead fall even more deeply asleep, and become even more completely calm and peaceful and relaxed.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
He waited, lifted a finger again. Iliana scraped at a certain bowl , in a certain way.
The cat-woman's lids flipped mechanically open, revealing a pair of deeply glazed golden-brown eyes.
“Very good. Deeper and ever deeper asleep. More and more relaxed and tranquil and happy.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Now come to me.”
Her wide hips twitched.
“My legs are numb, Doctor Scrumshaw.” She said this absently, someone issuing an impersonal status report rather than a worry or complaint.
“Come to me. You remember how to do this.”
“Yes. Doctor Scrumshaw.”
She began crawling, her shapely but muscular arms easily dragging the lower half of her body around. There was a built up lip in the depression, just opposite his control panel, with a curved and heavily padded notch. She reached this, and crumpled into it, her neck fitting neatly into place, her head tilted upward slightly, her arms trailing uselessly backwards, suddenly as limp as her legs and tail.
“I have come to you, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Yes. You have done well. I am pleased. Now, eyes wide open, deeper and deeper asleep, more and more peaceful, and calm, and docile, and relaxed.”
“Yes, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
he touched at another control, and something rose up before her unblinking eyes, turning slowly but relentlessly on the end of a metal rod, splattering bits of color across the depression, across her face.
Splattering them deep into her eyes.
A large multifaceted crystal, filled with colors, thousands of them.
She stared into it, fell into it., spoke through barely-parted lips.
“I.. I remember the Light, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Very good, my dear. Go into the Light. Lose yourself in the Light, and listen to my Voice. There is only the Light, and my Voice, and your assigned Tone.”
Iliana scraped at the bowl again and again, her motions flawless and mechanical.
The cat-woman twitched.
“yess Doctor Scrumshaw..”
“Very good. Now, as you fall deeper and ever deeper asleep, become ever more peaceful and relaxed, you will remember other things, only those things I tell you remember, and you will tell them to me. You will tell me without hesitation or doubt or fear.”
He touched at another control and a counter began to spin.
“yess Doctor Scrumshaw..”
“Remember your name.”
“my name is Ocelot Girl, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Mm. Yes, Ocelot Girl. But was that the name you were given at birth?”
The entranced heroine tried unsuccessfully to shake her head.
“nno Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Remember your real name.”
“Felicity Jones-Smith, Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Good. Very good. And now you remember whom you worked with, before you came here, before you stepped into the Light.”
“i am.. I was.. a member of the Valkyrie Squad.. Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“And now you remember about the members of the Valkyrie Squad, Felicity. You remember everything about them, even as you fall deeper and deeper into the Light. As you fall deeper and deeper into my voice.
yess Doctor Scrumshaw..
“Tell me about Shakra, Felicity.”
“Her real name is Parvati Pratihari, Doctor Scrumshaw. She was born in.. some place I can never pronounce.. her father was an important diplomat, they traveled all over the world when she was a kid. She went to all these fancy schools, too. But then when she grew up.. graduated.. she went back.. she always says back to the Roof of the World..where she learned.. she won some sort of contest, won her Power Stones, then was taught how to use them.”
“And what are the Power Stones capable of, Felicity? What are there limitations? Deeper and ever deeper, as you remember everything. As you tell me everything.”
“She can fly, Doctor Scrumshaw. And shoot power blasts from her hands. Make a force field around herself, in front of herself. It'll even stop bullets. But..everything she does.. it's like a big battery, and every trick drains it. Every bullet that hits.. She does enough stuff, the battery runs dry, and she has to rest and recharge. If she pushes herself too far, she can even collapse.”
“Very good, Felicity. Deeper and deeper. The more you remember, the more information you give to me,  the  more peaceful and happy and relaxed you become.”
“yess Doctor Scrumshaw.”
“Tell me everything about Mechanique, Felicity.”
“Her real name is Angelique Delacroix, Doctor Scrumshaw. She was born in France. She's taking self-defense classes with Dr. Ki Lo Ni, but she doesn't have any.. superpowers? But.. her parents were both these super tech-geniuses, they made all kind of money. So she's really rich, and a genius too. She designed her own outfit and her helmet, with all those gadgets built into them. Outfits, she's got a bunch of them, for all different situations. They have built-in gear. She's always adding stuff, when some.. some villain..” her back arched slightly.. “attacks her with something, she tries to come up with a way to beat it. She usually does, but..”
He nudged a control, the gem spun faster, bit deeper into her mind.
“Tell me everything, Felicity. Share all of Angelique's secrets and weaknesses with me as you go deeper and ever deeper into unblinking sleep.”
She shuddered helplessly.
“She can't always include everything, without getting weighed down. Doctor Scrumshaw. So she has to choose what to add, what to counter. If she knows who she is facing ahead of time, it's easier, but.. there's so many ways to be attacked. So many ways to be.. defeated...” She almost gasped the last word.
“Indeed. Ever calmer. Ever more relaxed and peaceful and docile. Ever deeper into my voice.”
“ysss Doctor Scrumshaw. And sometimes.. she's so smart but.. she can be.. stupid about how normal people act. And.. and she gets distracted when she sees new and interesting tech-gadgets.”
“You are doing very well, Felicity. Go deeper into the Light. Go deeper into sleep. Forget everything except what I tell you to remember. Forget your worries. Forget your concerns. And now reveal the Valkyrie Squad's leader to me, Felicity. Tell me everything you know about Emerald Shrike.”
“She.. she IS a Valkyrie, Doctor Scrumshaw, really. She was born and raised to be one, the training she went through, it was even worse and harder and longer than what Shakra had to do. From birth, in some Citadel somewhere way up north. That's why she has the wings. They let her fly. They shouldn't, I guess, it's not... aerodynamic.. or.. whatever.. but she can. And she has her sword. She can.. do anything with it. Cut through anything, break down anything.. But.. but..
“Deeper, Felicity. Ever deeper.”
“If she loses it.. it's part of her, somehow, if she isn't holding it.. she becomes.. weaker.. and..
“There is only my voice now, Felicity. You have forgotten everything except for my voice, and the information it requires.”
She trembled all over
“it's part of her name.. i found out by accident.. when we were fighting the Zombiemaster.. he tried to hit her with one of his hoodoo hexes.. the sword reflected it.. but.. but..”
“Go deeper into your trance, Felicity. Ever deeper. And obey.”
Ocelot Girl's eyes rolled up in her head, and the words came out in almost a scream, almost a song, in time to the Tone scraping again and again inside her head
“i saw i heard i have good hearing it reflected the hex but her name its name glowed in my ears i realized the truth never told anyone before not even her if you know her name her real name you have power over her Brigit Helmgaard her real name is Brigit Helmgaard, Master!"
"Excellent." He stabbed at a control and the gem went dark, in a thudding instant, and somehow, Felicity collapsed even more completely, her eyes still rolled up inside her head . Scrumshaw tapped at the previous control, and spooling stopped, a small capsule popped out of a slot. He took it in his fingers, held it up. "You have reached Level Three of your mental processing, and this information is exactly what my true client requested." He slowly turned the capsule end for end as he returned to the microphone, touched at another control with his free hand. Her eyes unrolled, and she stared once more at the crystal, which was once again glowing and endlessly spinning, pulling her ever deeper."And tell me, my new pet, what are -your- powers and abilities, apart from the enhanced senses you have already revealed to me ?"
She spoke emptily.
"i am much stronger and faster than normal people, Master. better coordinated and more agile. i climb well.  i have been bestowed with the powers of the mighty Ocelot."
He raised an eyebrow.
"'Mighty?' Hm. And how exactly did you come to be.. ah... bestowed with these powers?"
"My great-uncle was-"
Without the slightest bit of warning, the room's door blew in, reduced in an instant to a shower of splinters, causing the capsule to squirt from Scrumshaw's startled grasp. A dark-skinned woman, her leotarded and caped frame glowing purple with power, came storming into the room. He turned in the chair and gaped at her; focused on him, she failed to notice Iliana suddenly appearing to one side, her eyes smoldering, a sinister glowing wand in her hand.
But a brown-haired woman in formal (if somewhat skimpy) armor was right behind Shakra, her green-feathered wings filling the doorway. Without even a sideways glance, Emerald Shrike whacked Iliana squarely in the forehead with the flat of the large and glowing sword she wielded, sending the blonde woman instantly to the floor in a crumpled heap.
Scrumshaw made an effort to rally himself, looking up at the two women now looming over him. “I warn you, ladies, your colleague is trapped within my dome, and any attempt to free h-”
“Ooh!” Mechanique's helmeted and blue-haired head cheerfully popped into view from around Emerald Shrike's wing. “Zhat ees one of Gudegast Corpairation's Feminine Eintrancement Chambhars! Combining eet with ze glass harp! Very clevair.” The staring Scrumshaw was bodily dragged from the chair, and Mechanique leaned over the controls, began efficiently tapping at them. Lights flickered on in various places around the room, dispelling some of the gloom. “Zhey air very eeffective at inducing ze deep and highly focaised heepnotic trance, but until ze subject, she ees fully brought to Stage Four, ze trance ees still nonezeless.. fragile? Oui. And ze device eetself..” She nimbly spread her fingers across numerous controls, slowly slid them up all at once. The control board made an agonized electronic squeal; Shakra and Scrumshaw both flinched, and at least two of Iliana's bowls cracked. The covering dome shuddered and popped sharply open in a manner similar to an enormous clam shell, spewing white gas. In the same instant, the crystal shattered and the tabs attached to Ocelot Girl's body all flared various colors and shorted out, jerking her up out of the neck-notch with a startled gasp. She blinked herself back to awareness looked around, then up at the others, and plastered on an embarrassed grin
“Aw, crap. Hi guys. Thanks for the rescue.” She blinked again, and the grin vanished. “Aw double crap! I think I just told the bastard a bunch of stuff about us!”
Emerald Shrike turned to Scrumshaw, her fairly slender form somehow managing to bring to mind the merciless grinding of an advancing glacier. He shriveled under her icy green gaze.
“Now.. ladies.. I think that we..”
The sword came up in a gloved hand, up at a very specific angle and length, glowing white and sharp.
Its wielder firmly smacked its flat side against Scrumshaw's forehead.
Unlike Iliana before him, he merely staggered, his eyes crossed for a few second, then came back to awareness. He looked around, saw who was surrounding him, and gave a startled yelp of surprise.
“What?! Where did you... I was just going to..”
“Caractacus Scrumshaw.” Emerald Shrike. “You have been tried and found guilty of numerous crimes by the duly designated legal authority of the city of Nordic Bay. You shall now be transported to a facility to resume your designated penalty.”
He simply stared at her, and did not resist as Mechanique produced a set of handcuffs from one of her many belt pouches, and slapped them on his wrists in a practiced motion. Peeling off the last of the tabs and flinging it away, Ocelot Girl effortlessly dragged his unresisting body from the room. It was possible that sirens could now be heard in the distance, growing louder.
Mechanique stroked idly at a last control.
“Az a bonus, zhat will 'ave wiped ze system of any information he may 'ave collected.”
Shakra contributed:
“We'll get to work undoing the.. process, on the other women. Get the Cleanup Squad in here to haul the rest of this away.”
Emerald Shrike nodded. Iliana was gathered up and taken from the room as well.
In a distant corner of the room, in the shadow of a random piece of equipment, the capsule which had squirted its way from Scrumshaw's fingers lay unnoticed and forgotten...
A short scene to introduce my OCs the superheroine Valkyrie Squad to anyone who is interested. Plus of course some maledom hypnofetish content; just be safe, I've marked it as mature, but there isn't really any explicit adult material. You can see what the four members of the squad look like with this picture from my gallery:
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jdarksong Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Aye... haven't seen them before, but this is a wonderful first edition. I love the detail and the entire premise. It's great to read such an intriguing story, something that draw you in and holds your attention just as well as that glowing multicolored crystal. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of this! Excellent work! Keep it up! 
hypnovoyer Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blnkstr Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Fun story and a nice intro to the Squad! I was looking forward to Scrumshaw exploiting the Squad's newly-revealed weaknesses, but that what Issue #2 is for, right? :)
hypnovoyer Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. If you (or anyone reading this) haven't seen them, I've previously posted a couple of other short scenes about the Squad over on my page:… and….
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