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By hypnovoyer

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A short scene to introduce my OCs the superheroine Valkyrie Squad to anyone who is interested. Plus of course some maledom hypnofetish content; just be safe, I've marked it as mature, but there isn't really any explicit adult material. You can see what the four members of the squad look like with this picture from my gallery:
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jdarksong's avatar
Aye... haven't seen them before, but this is a wonderful first edition. I love the detail and the entire premise. It's great to read such an intriguing story, something that draw you in and holds your attention just as well as that glowing multicolored crystal. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of this! Excellent work! Keep it up! 
Blnkstr's avatar
Fun story and a nice intro to the Squad! I was looking forward to Scrumshaw exploiting the Squad's newly-revealed weaknesses, but that what Issue #2 is for, right? :)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. If you (or anyone reading this) haven't seen them, I've previously posted a couple of other short scenes about the Squad over on my page:… and….