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Thralls of the Beholder

By hypnovoyer
I saw that the Daphne and Co. at Mind Control Comics are doing a scene with a Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons, so I decided to follow suit. Thanks to "Dodger" for making ol' Eyeballs there and giving him away for free on the 'net. Dodger has/had a website with other D&D critters available:, but it appears it went dark not long after I visited it. Fortunately, his stuff is still available at as well. Maybe I'll do something with the Mindflayer someday..
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It is fortunate to have these nude and bald slaves.
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Nice, it looks like these beauties are -under- the eyes of the Beholder...

(Someone had to say it...)
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That's probably where they got the name originally, so yup.
ladytania's avatar
hairless thralls are very sexy and I think it speaks to their total submission.
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Also, because I'm a cheapskate I only have a limited number of hairstyles to use..
I think I've seen you put decorative markings on some of your girls foreheads like a tattoo or a brand. I thought that was a nice touch as well
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Yeah, takes a lot more time to do stuff like that with rendering..
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