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Thralls in Darkness

That chair was given away free, so I had to use it with something...
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He is lucky to own these three lovelies.
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I may be just about the last person you should be asking this sort of question, but yes, it can be done. I did up a quick example ( It gets harder or (relatively) easier depending on which human model you are using (ie the "Genesis" series that comes free with DAZ) and what effect you exactly want, the whole eye like in my example, or just the iris/pupil. The more advanced and realistic the model you're dealing with, the more eye-parts there are (Iris, cornea, pupil.)

Oh, and having an imagine-manipulation program like GIMP, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop will also make things easier, when it comes to creating the spiral you're going to graft in.
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Great render, love the wallpaper..
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Thanks, though I just pulled it off the internet via Google Image Search