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Television Programming

By hypnovoyer
A loose re-do of  one of my old drawing ideas. Mostly created with DAZ Studio, with a bit of tweaking in Paint Shop Pro. Thanks as always to the folks who are nice enough to give away free stuff to use in these, in this case the table and TV set, and the textures for the screen and the floor. Next week I hope to post another re-do with some props that I created myself in Blender.

Continued here:
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ZenonX1's avatar
damn it! who made a copy of the ring? XD
hypnovoyer's avatar
It's a corrupted bootleg copy, since people don't actually die.
Stripped2Obey's avatar
Television is the boob tube, after all.
Blnkstr's avatar
I'm excited to see all your new works in DAZ and the other rendering programs! It's a massive new toolkit of illustrative possibilities that you've just opened, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes from this new chapter in your work.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks, though a lot of it will depend on how much money I'm willing to spend...
LegionaireB's avatar
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
hypnovoyer's avatar
The Spiral Channel
zorro-zero's avatar
who says that there's nothing good on TV nowadays? xD
hypnovoyer's avatar
You have to look around those out of the way channels.
ladytania's avatar
How neat, I love the glow of the TV. Fun concept too. :)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. And yes, it was a pain getting the lighting looking even sort of right, I had to shine extra spotlights everywhere.
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