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By hypnovoyer
Never had the nerve to attempt this when just drawing, but with rendering, I had to take a stab at the old "sealed in a carbonite slab" theme. Of course, since "carbonite" is probably trademarked or something by Disney these days, it's actually a completely different fictional substance in which these poor gals have been encased!

Created all of this from scratch except the carpet and wall texture; thanks to those who gave them away. The hardest part was getting the bleeping eyes to match the attached body, and not glow or be black. Although as a hypnofetishist I seriously considered going with the former look.
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A nude woman in carbonite--nice!
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Like I said in the description, Disney probably owns the exclusive rights to official name-brand Carbonite(tm) these days, but thanks!
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That comment, by The-Mind-Controller, got me thinking…

Put Jabba the Hutt's Twilek Slavegirl into CARBON-FREEZE! 😍
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I'm sorry, but I generally try to avoid doing overt fanart. Though I was surprised to learn there is a free tentacle-head model available for anyone out there using Poser rather than DAZ like myself:…
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JABBA: "I will NOT give up my favorite decorations!" :D
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Better than Harrison Ford, at least for some.
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Wow, I so have to do this. Any pointers?
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I'm really really not an expert at this, but.. create a cube, stretch it into slab shape, position it so it and the victim are overlapping, mass-change the surface colors of both to match, either by just changing the color or creating a more mottled texture pic that gets pasted over everything (which is what I did). As I said, getting the eyes to match can be a real problem, as they will have different surface attributes than the rest of the victim's body. And this is an instance where using a less realistic hairdo might actually be an advantage, as it is easier to create the "blocky" look you're going for. Most folks who do these carbonite pics make the surface more reflective and shiny, but I wasn't able (yet anyway) to get DAZ to produce something I liked, so I made the frame reflective instead; it looked a lot better.
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Now -that's- the kind of art I'd like to hang on my wall!
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Sadly, it's pretty pricey..
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