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Submerged in Breeding Pool

By hypnovoyer
Be sure and supply a steady steam of nutrients.
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© 2016 - 2021 hypnovoyer
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conan82's avatar
It can't end with just these two!!!
hypnovoyer's avatar
I did do a PG-rated version with different characters: Valkyrie Squad: Oozepit
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
This is.... interesting... to say the least
hypnovoyer's avatar
I freely admit my work is not always for all tastes!
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
"More like it's just... interesting, honest"
azlone22's avatar
Oh, I love this!  I imagine the tentacles forming neural connections, reprogramming the minds of these two.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Something's obviously going on down there..
zapped13's avatar
From the hand poses to their faces barely sticking out of the muck, this is quite perfect! 
ladytania's avatar
Oh my...very dark!
hypnovoyer's avatar
Yeah, I held off on posting it for a long while after finishing it, but finally went ahead and released it into the wild..
ladytania's avatar
I understand that. Some of my edgier things make me hesitate too...
Tabico's avatar
Oh, wow. Hng. That hits the buttons.

The hand posture is a particularly nice touch.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. I wanted to make it (more) clear they weren't being physically restrained.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. I've pretty much given up drawing stuff.
hypnovoyer's avatar
I use DAZ Studio 3D ( and their "Genesis 2" characters, because the basic program is free; they make their money by selling all sorts of props/characters/add-ons. You can also find a lot of free (given away, not stolen) stuff if you're willing to root around on the WWW enough.

I've never used Poser, so I can't comment on how the two programs compare. Poser props can be imported into DAZ, but they don't always work 100% correctly.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Yeah, it has a very steep learning curve and no real documentation. I've been using for a year now and there are still a lot of features I don't understand/know about.
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