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Subliminals Enacted 3D

By hypnovoyer
Been working on a couple more 3D re-dos of my older drawings. With this one, decide for yourself if this guy released the subliminal messages himself or is just reacting to their deployment by parties unknown.
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Blnkstr's avatar
Either storyline is fun and is fine with me! I love their vulnerable self-inflicted poses and their confused (or cranky) yet eager expressions! Plus, I'd love to know what the bimbos are grunting behind their ballgags :)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Probably something more direct like "Fondle my tits!!"
Euel's avatar
Delightful image and story!  Now, a series would be interesting...
hypnovoyer's avatar
If I was doing a story, I'd probably have the guy here -not- be the one who unleashed the subliminals, but if he does oblige the professor's request, she would imprint on him and become his slave.