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Sleepwalking Summons

A sort-of redo of ideas that I've used before. Thanks as always to Wilmap for all the free clothes she gives away. And yes, that dress is technically glowing; it ended up looking better than shining lights on it.
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This is really great work!! Are you doing more of your older work to this art style?:) (Smile) 
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Thanks. I don't have any specific plans. Probably depends on how much money I'm willing to spend buying props. And some stuff I just can't do right now because my ancient computer isn't powerful enough.
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I also like the see-through effect on her legs, but wish we could see more of her large chest.
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zorro-zero's avatar
an it also has that transparency effect that allow us to see that sexy silhouette of hers!! I'll never get tired of this kind of scenes!! :love:
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Thanks, though I wasn't really 100% happy with any of the dress options I saw, even ones where I'd have to pay for them.
zorro-zero's avatar
this one suits her very well, and it looks very sexy... =D
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