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Slavegirls kneel in the Temple

My first attempt at creating Poser-type art (although I used DAZ-3D, cuz I'm cheap and it was free.) Most everything used here came with DAZ, though I downloaded a few free-and-legal tweaks, such as a couple that allow you to better adjust your characters' body proportions and expressions. If you like my evil twisted ideas and would enjoy seeing "full scenes" depicted in this format, please consider dropping my a couple of bucks via Patreon. (
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Stripped2Obey's avatar
Their nudity and expressions are wonderful.
Blnkstr's avatar
very nice! congratulations on adding a new set of toys to your toybox! it looks like you'll do quite well with them :)
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zombieslavegirl's avatar
i've enjoyed your art for years. It's great to see your imagination get to play in a more realistic realm. More, please! :)
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Thanks. Working on stuff...
vice63's avatar
You might want to check out Wings 3D too. It's a free modelling application which can be used to make simple props.
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Thanks. I'll check it out.
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Good lord man! What are you doing? Your imagination expressed through modern technology? I don't think reality can handle it! Oh sure, it's hot at first - this being a fine example - but mark my words, it's all gonna end in some sort of pornHub/Skynet amalgam and the end of civilization.
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Well, we're probably safe until I win the lottery and can afford to go buy all those props I would need..
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Very impressive. I know how difficult it is to do 3D rendering. I've not had much luck working it out myself. So for a first attempt it's great.
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I've learned it can be incredibly frustrating getting a character's limbs to bend in just the right way...
vice63's avatar
Uhh oh. I've got some competition now.
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Hot dang!  Great image for anybody, let alone a new user!  Would -love- to see more.  I'll -try- to toss you some bucks, no promises.  "Evil twisted ideas"?  I've checked out your other stuff, I like your imagination!  (BTW, check out my stuff, it might give you a few ideas...)
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Thanks. I enjoyed your Taste of Jewel story when you posted it.
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