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Serving Wench

By hypnovoyer
Waiting for the Master to come home..
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Must be pretty cold in that hallway.
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Like I said above, that was an.. artistic choice.. on the part of the guy/gal who made the apron prop (who is not me, though I did modify it a little bit.)

Maybe she's just really excited to be holding that tray.
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Ready to serve ...
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Ready and eager..
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what a good slave she is  XD
hypnovoyer's avatar
She looks good at least, don't know about her performance..
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oooh, so classy!!
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Thanks. That's supposed to be cheese in the bowl, but thanks to the lighting it didn't come out very clearly.
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She looks amazingly beautiful!
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You're quite very welcome!!
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Judging from her apron, it must be chilly when Master isn't home.
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Yeah, the apron came with those "built in". :) (Smile) 
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Either that or Master has just come home. ^^
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Thanks for saying so!
As a person who has dabbled with rendering hypno scenes, I'm impressed with both your composition and use of light.

I think I like partially clad ladies better than the full nude, I know others may differ. 

I think you know the one clothing choice I fully endorse.
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I spend a lot more time fiddling with the lighting of scenes than I do with the posing of characters and props. And speaking of props, using nudity means one less piece of clothing to scrounge up and install...:) (Smile) 
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Delightful as usual!  :)
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