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By hypnovoyer
Always store away your toys when not using them.
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Very short story but parfect  !
This little man has a good plan to collect beautiful... dolls !
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I suspect he's just a minion for the real plan-maker, but thanks!
lthr-nck's avatar
oh wow! What an incredible idea and image!
staregazerrod's avatar
Quite the predicament. Lovely pose and facial expression. Too bad they're all in storage and not rotated in-and-out of some sort of racy display (several at a time??)
hypnovoyer's avatar
I didn't mean to imply that =all= the Units were in storage all the time...
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So, as you use  DAZ Studio, I have a question for you:  what is the base minimum  that you have to own  to do viable  G3 renders? If I get the  base morphs, head add-ons, and  expressions pack; along with of course a few character and clothing sets,  will I  still  need more?

I'm thinking of posing the figures in DAZ Studio, and then exporting  (as OBJ) into Poser for the final render.
hypnovoyer's avatar
I haven't been using Genesis 3 at all, but sticking with Genesis 2. Two reasons: 1. My current computer is so old and underpowered it crashes DAZ when I use G3. Finally scraped together enough cash to get a new unit, so we'll see about this. 2. There's so much more free stuff for G2, and I'm poor/cheap. In particular, has free body and face-morph packs that let you make all sort of changes. I made my own skin-color mods for brown, black and Asian skin, which also expands my options. Nearly every character in my work to date has been a modified G2.

That said.. if you want to use G3 and money is (relatively) no object, I'd get the official male and female face and body morphs on Expressions for me would be a luxury extra, but if time is more important than money, then go for it. For clothes, before buying anything, check out…; the gal who runs it has put all kinds of free G-compatible clothing. One exception: if you're going to need it, buy a guy's business suit from the daz3d site. Most of the free stuff is pretty weak.

And you didn't ask, but finding decent hair props can be a pain. There's a large list of free/legal stuff here:…
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