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Robogals 04

Ever more units are processed and added to the cadre.

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I love this outfit design check your notes please

Nina7777777's avatar of my favorites: Those amazing helmets with their numbers on it... and the subjects standing in perfect position in attention waiting….I love this!
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Yeah, doing up all those separate numbers was a pain.
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This might be one of my favorite concepts. Almost near uniformity and the empty expressions under the visor. The attractive colour palette mixed with the knowledge that they're coming for you.

Absolutely love them!
This is one of my favorite concepts, they are converted to uniformed drones and almost total anonymity. Really awesome picture
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Thanks. I usually like to at least show the victim's expression, though I have done full-face-covering images as well.
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Oh, they're using my spiral colours. Gonna sue those guys for 800,000 robogals.
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They have robo-lawyerettes...
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what happened to part 3?
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I counted the two robo-processing images as separate.
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