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By hypnovoyer
Be sure all of your home decor is thoroughly sealed and properly mounted, so it can't decay or escape.
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She is frozen because her heart isn't open. Hur hur. :B
hypnovoyer's avatar
?... Googles.. Ah. Indeed! (I'm not very up on popular music..)
darknessofanubis's avatar
Carbonite girls are a niche thing, but you can never make enough for the hardcore fans of the genre. 
hypnovoyer's avatar
This one: by ladytania has always been one of my favorites.
And be wary of hiring masked bounty hunters; especially those who threaten you with thermal detonators.

(Boy, when you think about it, Jabba was an idiot...)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Well, Jabba didn't -hire- the bounty hunter, just paid him off and let him hang around his palace. But yes, he suffered from a bad case of over confidence.
IMOHO, you don't invite someone to stay at your place like a guest after that sort of thing.
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I realize we're getting off the subject here, but it's.. possible that Jabba knew who the bounty hunter really was from the start, and was just stringing "him" along. He was certainly ready to pop out at the most humiliating moment.
Marvlin666's avatar
Very clever idea mate and your poser skills are clearly improving exponentially.
hypnovoyer's avatar
I don't know how many people would agree with the "improving" part, but thanks!
awsome she sexy frozen in carbonite
hypnovoyer's avatar
Well, Disney now owns the rights to Carbonite, so I have to use a generic knockoff =P (Razz) , but thanks for the kind words.
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