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One of the Fem-fem fans out there. Inspired in part by a long-ago story written by Erotic Mind Control Archive submitter EyeOfSerpent. Thanks to Wilmap for supplying the outfit.
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She is a shapely pin cushion.
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Love the hair 
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Thanks. Finding usable somewhat realistic looking hair can be trouble if you're cheap like me and not willing to pay for it. (And/or too honest to steal stuff via torrents or whatever...)
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Mmmmmm, needles!  I _LOVE_ this trope.  It's also very hot in another comic-book EMCSA story by Vanderbilt called "The Pink Sakura" and is seen very nicely in chapter two:…
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Thanks for the kind words and the link.
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Ah yes. A blast from the past.
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Just how "EXTREME" did it "GET"? 😱
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Although I didn't go quite to the extreme her story did..
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