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Mind Control Tentacle Pool

My attempt at depicting two characters of ladytania and The-Mind-Controller, both of whose work I have enjoyed. Also my homage to a certain "classic" film of many titles.
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love the picture, makes me really wonder whats happening under the surface. hopefully multiple activities .... ;)
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Whatever you want is happening under there. Or not happening, for any DA content-moderators out there. =P (Razz) 
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Have you ever seen a 186 film called 'Breeders' (there's apparently a '97 remake, but I mean the original)?
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If that's the one where the alien-possessed guy goes around raping and then summoning a collection of gals to writhe around naked in a slime pit, then yes. I did a more direct homage pic here:
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I agree with the first commenter: Oh my! Very well done :)
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  Nice!  Hmmm.  I'm guessing the other girl next to Tania is Valerie Love.  
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Yes, since she was the one you offered to use on a previous drawing.
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