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Mced zombie-gals and Master

By hypnovoyer
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The priestess with without doubt talented in the Old Magic, but in the flaming arrogance of youth she ventured deep into the Southern Swamp, facing the Zombiemaster in his crumbling shack and challenging him for supremacy.

He had been waiting for her, as he eternally waited for all things to come to him, the spider at the center of a vast black web. The darkness swallowed her and another thrall joined the Zombiemaster’s army, utterly stripped of her name and will.

But no, not just another slave... As noted, the talent flowed wild in her veins, and under his patient tutelage, it blossomed and burned. She became his oracle, and when summoned to his presence, she could often show him the movements of his truly dangerous enemies (oh yes, he had thee, in many a number), or display the course of important and intriguing events as they unfolded in far-distant lands. War and peace and the violated taboos that capered behind the scenes, for those with the eyes to see.

And sometimes, when the stars were precisely aligned, and the Spirits wandered restlessly under the trees of the endless night, she could even pull in the latest programs from America...

(The Zombiemaster is a character I've done a few pics about over the years; this one from 2004 is probably the one I'm happiest with. Made a few tweaks to art and text before reposting here.)
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