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MCing Dragon Duel

By hypnovoyer
I got a request for a dragon pic, so here it is. The two combatants are Original Characters offered for use by :iconcegi93: and :iconsingory:, though in the latter case she appears to have lost her trademark armor.
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Oho! Purple hypnodragon has a rival. The little slices of story hinted at in the captions are always enjoyable in your work,, it's much more interesting when there's sense of something larger going on. If you still have it, could you please post the other related picture you had with the dragon's minion sent off to capture someone?
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Well, it's A purple dragon, maybe not the same one we saw before. (Different horn arrangement :-) )  I probably still have the old pic somewhere, I may post it on my own site.
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Lol i love it!