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MCing Alien and victims

By hypnovoyer
This was originally created way back in 2000 AD; this version features some tweaks and clean-ups, but it's closer to the original than most of my re-posts.
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EnglishDamsel's avatar
Wow, MC slime? That's a really fascinating method.
hypnovoyer's avatar
My intention was that he did it with his eyes/antenna, and the slime is just his version of a relaxing bath, but whichever you prefer!
EnglishDamsel's avatar
I kind of thought that might be it, but great scenario either way!
Knockoutcomicsbook's avatar
hi there , i am so happy to see your new amazing art works at deviant art great job nice ,smooth and clear line .a lot of passion in your creativity it give it some feeling to the image and the flow of the it is good with the tones you use in the image , i like the over all idea of the image it is not to hard and not to soft just right :) (Smile) (Smile)!! i love to look at all your great body works of art the detail you put in them to the color you use in them . i wounder if you could take a min to look at my work and give some tips and some feedback thank you for you time !
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. I'm really not the person to be asking for artistic advice, so my only comment would be don't fall into the Rob Liefeld trap of never drawing a character's feet.