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MCed organ grinder monkey 3D

By hypnovoyer
As indicated, a rendered version of one of my old drawings. I made the organ myself in Blender, except for the pipes which I scavenged off someone else's design, and the strap which started life as a posable "tentacle". Thanks to the various folks who supplied the clothes. And yes, in a first, you can even see the guy's face!

EDIT: Updated 2018 version:
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Now this is real mind control...🐵
So humiliating and unladylike. The power of suggestion I guess. The fez really makes her a proper monkey. She should have cymbals to bang together as well. 
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Monkey business!
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Great idea and rendering. Clink! (placing coin into her cup).
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Here's someone else's take on the idea:
Year of the Monkey
staregazerrod's avatar
Your MC pic and dialogue- not to mention the "monkey" dumb animal facial expression- are way better.
Great job...❤️ Your ideas!
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I had an idea like this, but thought it was a little too crazy. I was right, it is crazy, but damn I wish I had. This is really awesome work. 
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I can relate to this. Why can I relate to this?!
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You mean there are some weirdo freaks who can't?
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