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MCed female door guard

By hypnovoyer
I suppose giving her some armor would be more practical, but oh well!

EDIT: I did indeed bash together an armored version of this pic and posted it over on the Hypnopics Collective…
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clyftrobot's avatar
Wow , It's great !
While she's wearing impractical armor, her unpictured footwear should be just as impractical!

Aishahypno Yes, obviously more guards are needed ;-)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Actually, if I had drawn her feet, she would have been either barefoot or wearing sensible boots. :-)
Remusmdh's avatar
Though adding armor would have been better and less gratuitous, I can't blame you wholly for giving the audience what they want/like, because I have enjoyed mind controlled/robotized guards before, because IF the PC's could release them they can make WONDERFUL interviews for info about the villain/forces that did this to them, lmao.

And emotionally conflicted targets for killing/murdering as they are not there by choice, regardless of the fact they WERE trying to kill you/the party, hehehehehe

*evil DM/GM cackling*
hypnovoyer's avatar
I might do a PG-rated armored version.
Remusmdh's avatar
Whoever said it need be PG????  If a villain can mind crush his guards why couldn't he/she also equip them in slinky body suits with nano tech or energy fields that Sizeably reinforce them? Or at least in selective areas, hehehehe *evil grin*
Aishahypno's avatar
There's no need for armour, you can always get more guards should anything happen. 
hypnovoyer's avatar
Ruthless but practical...
LegionaireB's avatar
Nah, with that outfit she gets the +69 distraction bonus.  She doesn't need armor.
hypnovoyer's avatar
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