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MCed Organ Grinder Monkey-gal

A completely re-done image from several years back; the original was a scanned pencil-sketch. Embarrassingly, I only noticed now that I gave the sketch-version of the woman six fingers.
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Nina7777777's avatar
What a phenomenal idea! Never thought of something like that. Thank you very much for sharing :) (Smile) !
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. There are other "monkey girl" pics on DeviantART, though most of them have the gal actually turning into a monkey..
Nina7777777's avatar
Oh, thanks for the tip, I will have a look for it, but as you pointed out: most are real transformations and I prefer the humiliating thought behind your pic .. more or less a transformation in behavior Wink/Razz  (sorry, I am no native English speaker, hope I could transmit what I mean).
Yipes! You're right, I meant unusual!
It's an usual concept, but nicely done. Do you think the blonde knows what she's doing at the moment?
hypnovoyer's avatar
I assume you meant "unusual". :-)

And I almost included a thought-bubble for the victim which just said "ook!"
Boogars's avatar
Das Awesome!!!
strangely erotic and amazingly cute!
hypnovoyer's avatar
The cuteness is how they lure you in.
Vyctorian's avatar
Nicely done, not a concept you see very often.
Vyctorian's avatar
You're very welcome, hun!~
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