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Living Marionettes

By hypnovoyer
This one was inspired by one of ladytania's Ultra Woman pics. Thanks also to Wilmap for the clothes, and to Mylochka for giving away a bunch of nice hairstyles on

EDIT: If you want to see a full sequence of pics for this scene, I sell it for $5. Drop me a line to discuss details.
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janny654's avatar
Perfect just what I imagined for a puppet girl. The limp wrists, slightly dangling off the floor, expressionless. I love it.
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
spiked floor? I wonder if the floor is lava for them
hypnovoyer's avatar
Lava, or something even worse. You don't want your marionettes trying to escape.
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
I wouldn't know... maybe ... *Whispers to self* Would like to be rather than own
hypnovoyer's avatar
If you (or anyone else) wants to see an extended multiple-image version of this, I'll send you a .zip file if you throw $5 my way via PayPal, or buy me a month's worth of Core membership here on DA.
Stripped2Obey's avatar
Live puppets are the best puppets.
hypnofan147's avatar
nice work you did awesome =D
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