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Invasion of the mind snatchers

By hypnovoyer
A reworked and recolored version of a drawing from 2004.
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© 2013 - 2021 hypnovoyer
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Aritori's avatar
Lovely work! I like thinking of their thoughts as being "wiped" after they're copied, leaving only behind obedience.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Despite the title, I envisioned it more like Robert Heinlein's novel The Puppet Masters, with a parasite attached to each gal controlling her thoughts, rather than they being physically replaced.
Aritori's avatar
That would be interesting too!
azlone22's avatar
I love this. I often imagine a story with a scene like this. Taken women needing to be inserted to download and upload well as feeding from alien nitrients to enhance their conversion. I dream of being one of them.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Glad you like it!
Tabico's avatar
Ah, such good memories. One of my all-time favorites.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Glad you like it.
fumanchu55's avatar
some of your art does come from a dark place…..(thats a compliment)
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. Still, need to come up with something more humorous next week...
fumanchu55's avatar
If I might be so bold, another hypo sleepwalking, perhaps?
lordsomno's avatar
Yes maybe some dorm girls that are already being controlled, controlling other sleeping dorm girls (in very little if anything, of course).

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