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Heroines and MCing Djinn

By hypnovoyer
Here's another of my "Valkyrie Squad" drawings. Like all superheroines, each member of the Squad has her particular arch-nemesis, and I suspect this fellow is Shakra's. (Ocelot Girl's is a non-MCing villainess named Spika.)

The original version of this is actually one of the earlier ones I did in the series, but like many of my pics it's been re-worked and re-posted over the years. Added some shading for this posting.

And I included a violence warning, but does slamming a lizardman into a pillar really count?
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is it possible we'll see a background on ocelot girl?
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I haven't worked out any vastly detailed backstories for her or the other members of the Valkyrie Squad, but I may post a short fact-sheet on my personal site at some point.

That said, many people have indeed wondered how a blonde white-bread American gal ended up gaining the "powers" of a smallish Latin American jungle cat. :-)
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school trip to a temple, family just moved there and moved back, she's one of the white people that live there, all sorts of reasons really.
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If I do write something up, it'll probably be a list shooting down all the theories and not explaining the truth. (The other gals in the Squad have more definite origins.)
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