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Gal used in MC Experiment

When science is on the march, nothing can stand in its way!

EDIT: While I didn't include their names, these are essentially two characters created by :iconladytania:.
She doesn't always do MCish stuff, but her Poser-created work is among the best I've seen on DeviantART, so go check it out!

Followup here:
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Pleasurepain? What's that like?
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A mixture of the two simultaneously. Useful for breaking down the subject's mental resistance.
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That sounds like an interesting way of turning someone hopelessly mad- overloading their pain and pleasure receptors until the two become impossible to distinguish. Like watching SNL while a buzzsaw nips at your limbs.

Could probably turn out a cool supervillain with that method.
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That's the idea, although I gather there are some who would consider watching SNL further pain. (I haven't watched an episode in years, but I enjoyed it back in the day..)
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this is wonderful! would love to see a couple more building off this start
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Thanks. I may do another with a different victim.
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Glad you like it!
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