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Dragonspell on female warrior

A reworked and enhanced pic originally from 2007; it was requested I repost this, and I believe it was a request piece in the first place.
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Okay, let me take a crack at this. (Checks Elder Scrolls wiki...clears throat...)

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Something along those lines, I imagine..
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So, pink dragons have mind control gaze, and transformation breath, (or TF gaze and MC breath). That's a lot more fun than red dragon's fire breath or white dragon's ice, why weren't pinks in the Monster Manual when I played D&D? :(
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I was aiming more for "Purple" than "Pink", but essentially yes.
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Hah, maybe magenta? I don't know, I'm terrible at naming colors outside of red, blue, yellow etc, properly. But I have it on good authority, (ie; a female) that purple is heavily into the blue as much as the red. Regardless, the color you've used is very good for MC; decadent, outre, playfully sensual.

I take it you're planning to brush up and release part 2 later? Hopefully you will release more of your older stuff over time, it would be a shame for it not to be. I can't make many more requests because I can only clearly rememberl a few of them from that time.

One other work of yours I'd like to request is a halloween one, I think it was '05. A demon controlling a demoness holding a jack o'lantern, I'm not sure if she was transformed into a demoness or had been a demoness before being whammied.

Anyway, thanks again for posting "Dragon", I'm glad to see from responses that others like it too.
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I might re-post the demon one when Halloween rolls around. I won't ever post all of my stuff online, at least not for free, but I will continue to put up the ones that I still like.
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Hm, we got a smart dragon here I see.
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Isn't that like a wet ocean? :-)
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This just goes to show that we should not oppose our dragon masters
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! Cool dragon!.
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I actually prefer this style much more to your more recent works ("Meeting of the minds" being an exception) as I think your work looks better with the linework around the edges. I don't know what brush you use without the lines, but it's almost like it's got airbrush edges, which detracts from it.

Really nice work and nice caption :)
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What you see of my stuff on DeviantART is not chronologically arranged; most of my recent pics posted on my personal webpage ( have been done "with lines", not particularly for artistic reasons but because it's a lot faster. :-)
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May I ask what program you use to do your artwork? Is it all done in MSPaint? Or are there sketches and coloured in on computer?
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Most of them are done entirely on my computer using Paint Shop Pro, which is sort of halfway between MSPaint and Photoshop, in terms of features and cost. A few start as pen and ink drawings that get scanned in and heavily modified.
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Hey, this is my kind of dragon! ;D
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When viewed from a distance, I suppose. :-)
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