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Dollmaker and White Owl

By hypnovoyer
White0wlsuperheroine decided to come snooping around the Dollmaker's business and so paid the penalty.

continued here:

WO is the property of WO, and is used here because she pretty much dared me to. Plus I always enjoy her own work here on DA. Thanks to her for making her accessory-props available for others to use. I cobbled together the rest of her outfit from various free sources (thanks also and as always to Wilmap); finding an appropriate pair of boots that would even sort of cooperate with my copy of DAZ proved to be real pain.
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She looks very receptive for her prospective owner
hypnovoyer's avatar
She does prove to be useful, once he figures out how to allow her to talk.
I like her pleasure doll "surprised" look.  And imagine the high status I would have when I show her off at parties.  
Where do I make a purchase bid?
hypnovoyer's avatar
Sadly, he decided to keep her for himself.
Cracoviia's avatar
Superb look of '...oh?' on WO's face :D
hypnovoyer's avatar
I imagine her expression can be adjusted at the customer's request.
Not really. After all, the Red Skull and Doctor Octopus usually just use business suits these days, though I doubt that's any cheaper.
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Wearing a business suit for him would be almost as bad as a supervillain costume.
abashful1's avatar
I bid 20,000 Quatloos :D
hypnovoyer's avatar
I'm not sure there are that many Quatloos!
homeboy8221's avatar
He be better off wearing plan clothes, makes it easier for him to blend in lol
hypnovoyer's avatar
Unless he joins the League of Evil, then the T-shirt and jeans would really stand out.
homeboy8221's avatar
thats why he doesn't join 
MirrorKhaos's avatar
CaptainZammo's avatar
ha ha--she deserves it!
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Well, a lesson in overconfidence, at least...
White0wlsuperheroine's avatar
I don't know which version of DAZ you use, but this looks...Wonderfully awful for the heroine.  I suspect you MAY need to get a costume, though it's not necessary any more.  Thank you so much for doing this for (and to) me!

What does the metronome do?
hypnovoyer's avatar
Glad you liked it. As for the metronome, I'm afraid the details of the dollification process are propitiatory information. But as you yourself can personally attest, it is highly effective!
zorro-zero's avatar
I'll pay the double fee!! Even the triple if it's needed!!! Gotta get her!! :evillaugh:
hypnovoyer's avatar
He'll probably end up holding an auction on EvilBay or somesuch.
White0wlsuperheroine's avatar
You make me sound like a Pokemon!
zorro-zero's avatar
White Owl, I choose you!! Go!!!
Curia-DD's avatar
That's what happens when you dare a villain!!
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