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Dollmaker and White Owl 3

Continued from

The Dollmaker's newest possession is already proving her worth.

I originally was going to use a scifi-ish prop for that second panel, but it's more amusing to think that this guy is enslaving superheroines with cobbled-together store-bought stuff in his basement.

Thanks to White0wlsuperheroine and Curia-DD for being so obliging.
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staregazerrod's avatar
Like moths to a flame... a very- ahem- invigorsting flame; yet flame nonetheless.
hypnovoyer's avatar
Except it freezes you instead of burning.
Curia-DD's avatar
White Owl? *looking around *
White0wlsuperheroine's avatar
No doubt things he got at Radio Shack's going out of business sales....

RUN :iconcuria-dd:Denise Curia Sultry Emoji  Run!!!
hypnovoyer's avatar
Shh! You'll ruin everything!
amazonarrow's avatar
OK! Wait, am I supposed to run towards the danger? Or away from it?
zorro-zero's avatar
that doll-bait is super-effective!! that guy sure knows his business ^^
hypnovoyer's avatar
Lots of growth potential.
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