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Candle Induction

After some feedback from a fan, I had to try and recreate a certain classic TV scene, except for those wimpy bandages on the gal's fingers! :-)
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now Julie who do u work for
mmmm Julie who do u work for
listen to my voice and who do u work for
char Charlie townso investigation
who works also there
Kelly garret, ......
excellent now stay there untel I say u can put ur hand down   
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Julie Julie Julie don't you love the stare..
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Tanya Roberts didn't have any trouble looking vacant!
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gotta love that blank expression, is so well done!!
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Thanks, tho it's only a slight change to the default expression that a DAZ "Genesis 2" character sports when you first load her into a scene..
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Looks like a bit of Trek fanart to me.
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I guess it can be if you want!
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Actually it's from Charlie's Angels.  The episode is called "Attack Angels: with Tanya Roberts Season 5.  However I can see where you might confuse it with Star Trek if you were thinking STNG where Dr. Crusher was seduced by a ghost-like alien.  I believe that had a candle in that too.
Reardon & Associates, back in business
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Well, he's probably just now getting out of jail after his last attempt at this scheme...
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