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Black and White

Standard female brainwashing setup. Thanks to Magnemoe for giving away the outfit/restraint gear, to which I added a few frills. Headphones by Insane_Machine. Everything else I cobbled together myself.
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This placer is...awesome..
hypnovoyer's avatar
Thanks. Though if people wander around my pictures without permission, they may end up getting to experience them firsthand!
* i go and look at the pictures * oooh ...
hypnovoyer's avatar
OK, fine, I'll just leave you here to do that, I have things to take care of elsewhere.
Ok... *keep seeing the spirals* so pretty...
Now that's a proper hypno room! Great work!
Toonwatcher's avatar
Yeah, that wallpaper would give me a headache too.
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They're supposed to be video screens, but that might be even worse..
LegionaireB's avatar
I really DO want a room like this, but my version would have more curves and something like a dentist chair.
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We're working on a budget here..
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seems like a good place 
hypnovoyer's avatar
Depends on your point of view, I suppose..
hypnofan147's avatar
If your the hypnotizer yes^^
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