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Deanna Is A Work Of Art by snople

Mature Content

Patreon Preview: Raven and Starfire by theheckle01
Monster and Damsels Art Jam - 2018 by member9

Mature Content

Immortialty For Marina by snople
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Mature Content

Trapped in the Coils by hypnovoyer
Samus Aran is Mind Controlled by Starro! by XennerdRequiem
Laura Matsuda, my Hypnotized Loyal Fighter Slave! by XennerdRequiem
Judy Neutron is Entranced by my Hypnosis Ray! by XennerdRequiem
Batgirl Hypnotized
Barbara's New Boss by PolManning
Batgirl's Foggiest Notion by snople
Batgirl Hypnotized And Put On Display by The-Mind-Controller

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The Bane Rises! (Fake) by DrVillain
Wonder Woman Hypnotized
WW and Pirates by RichVole

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Commission: Plant Girl Infection by hypnovoyer
Wonder Woman And The Hypnotic Cannon by The-Mind-Controller

Mature Content

Uranus: Gonna Need a Montage by IHCOYC
Mary Marvel Hypnotized
Mary Marvel by PolManning
Magic Totems Are Pretty Cool by PolManning
Mary in a Slave Leia-ish costume by member9
Return of Black Adam by member9
Black Canary Hypnotized

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Black Canary Brainwashed by seductivespiral

Mature Content

Laurel Submits by seductivespiral

Mature Content

Black Canary Hypno Bondage by PolManning

Mature Content

Canaries by x--from--x
Love Potion Art Jam
Joker's Love Potion Flower by The-Mind-Controller

Mature Content

Anya and the love tea by AnyaStorm
The Hypno Clown
Join The Hypno Circus by The-Mind-Controller
Hypno Clown Leviates Lady Ga Ga by The-Mind-Controller
Hypno Clown Levitates Daphne by The-Mind-Controller
Kim Karshian Meets The Hypno Clown by The-Mind-Controller
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A group where bueatiful superheroines are placed under hypnosis and mind control by a villain.
Founded 8 Years ago
Jul 16, 2010


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355 Members
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Rey Hypnotized
Rey remembered Chewbacca’s rage. He had shot a bolt from his bowcaster at Kylo Ren, and the young dark sider had simply stopped it in mid-air. Perhaps if Chewbacca had hit Kylo, Rey would be winning this fight.
Kylo Ren pushed Rey against the chasm. He wanted her to join him. He wanted her to serve Snoke.
“You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the force!”
Rey started rapidly blinking her eyes, feeling herself being consumed by an incredible power.
“The Force?”
Rey closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. She felt a sense of calm, and knew what she had to do. She rolled out from the blade lock Kylo had her in, and turned around to slash him. However, Kylo Ren was prepared for this. He was in peak physical shape, and had no injuries to slow him down from achieving his goal.
“You told me earlier that I am afraid that I will never be as strong as Darth Vader. Well, I am telling you right now, you should be afraid that you will never be as strong
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 67 7
Slave Agent Aika. by MexiGojira
Mature content
Slave Agent Aika. :iconmexigojira:MexiGojira 84 3
Princess Leia Hypnotized
Princess Leia Organa had been on a “diplomatic” mission. This mission was interrupted, however, when she was captured by the empire. Now she was being transported to the Death Star, treated as a captive rather than the princess of Alderaan and daughter of an important senator.
Vader had become a broken man since the Clone Wars ended, and that had given him all the more reason to expand his mind control and hypnosis abilities. He would get the information he wanted from the princess of Alderaan, no matter the cost. He entered the small room the girl was being kept in.
“Princess. I want you to make yourself comfortable. You should let your arms rest at your sides, and put your feet flat on the ground. I guarantee it would make this a pleasurable experience for you.”
Leia glared at Vader as she made sure to do the opposite of what the dark lord had just said.
“Why would I do anything you tell me to do?”
Vader smiled from behind his helmet.
“Soon y
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 56 11
Maddie Fenton hipnotized by CarlosFco Maddie Fenton hipnotized :iconcarlosfco:CarlosFco 146 18
Dr. Gero's Slaves: Hypnotized Android 18, Part Two
Android 18 woke up inside her pod. She was confused for a split second, before all the memories came rushing back to her in an instant. She felt rage, sadness, and confusion all at the same time. Rage and sadness due to the death of her brother, and confusion because…
“Why am I still in this pod?”
Android 18 had been turned on and shut off several times while being stuck in Dr. Gero’s laboratory, and every time she had been turned on, the door of her pod had opened to let her out. So why was she still in this enclosed pod? What game was the doctor playing? The android rolled her eyes. She was getting tired of this.
“Whatever. I’ll just smash this thing open like the piece of trash it is.”
The blonde tensed herself, preparing to propel her fist upward, when she noticed something different than what she was used to. Every single side of the pod was covered by a screen. Usually the sides of the pod just had red cushions. As she looked to her left
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 45 6
Dr. Gero's Slaves: Hypnotized Android 18, Part One
“How long was I asleep this time?”
Android 18 had just taken her first steps out of her pod in months. She understood why she had been there for so long, but that didn’t make her any less pissed. So what if she and her brother had tried to kill Dr. Gero and take his remote?  As 18 looked at Dr. Gero, her observant mind  astutely noticed that something had changed about the doctor since the last time she had been awake.
“You’re a cyborg now aren’t you? Same as me and my brother.”
Doctor Gero smiled, impressed that his creation had already realized this. Especially since he had already replaced his torn off arm.
“Well yes, I am a cyborg now, just like you. However, your brother does not fit into that equation. I scrapped him just a few minutes ago. He was of no use to me anymore.”
Android 18 was filled with rage.
“Damn you old man! You’re going to pay for that!”
“Oh, do keep your composure 18. You sho
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 41 2
Hypnotic tentacle slave by sweetmouth
Mature content
Hypnotic tentacle slave :iconsweetmouth:sweetmouth 106 52
Hypnonotic tentacle split by sweetmouth Hypnonotic tentacle split :iconsweetmouth:sweetmouth 71 18
Skyrim: Serana Hypnotized
Serana was running. She knew the moment she stopped to think about what had happened she would break down, so she forced her legs to keep pumping, while focusing on the pain. “Wait up!” Serana glanced back quickly while still running to see who it was, and the scene behind her was enough to make her stop in her tracks. It was Isran, but it was not Isran. He ran towards her swinging his weapon wildly, but in a way that was not like him. Something about the look on his face made Serana think twice about hurting him in self-defense. He didn’t look angry or upset, as a matter of fact his face showed no emotion at all. Serana dodged his clumsy strikes, noting that this was nowhere near the fighting prowess she had seen this man wield against the vampires at Castle Volkihar.
“Isran Stop this!” She yelled. “This isn’t you! Snap out of it!”
Serana caught Isran’s axe and disarmed him, realizing she may have to knock him out. Just then a cros
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 23 1
Dr. Gero's slaves: Mind Controlled Bulma
Dr. Gero had been surrounded, but when he saw the opportunity to escape when Bulma drove up in her capsule ship, he took it. He needed to escape so that he could release Android 18 to defeat the unruly Z Warriors. However he also needed a way to test out a new contraption. This new contraption was a mind control device, and he needed to know if he could use it to tame the rebellious Android 18 before he tried it on her. For this reason, he abducted Bulma while the explosion he made covered his escape from the Z warriors. He knew that Bulma was an unparalleled genius, so if his device worked on her, than it would most definitely work on the willful android 18.
Bulma woke up from unconsciousness in Dr Gero’s lab, with a throbbing headache. She looked over at him, more angry than scared, yet more curious than angry.
“Why would you want to take me of all people?!”
Gero looked over at Bulma.
“Oh you’re finally awake. I was just making some final adjustments to
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 51 3
Padme: Hypnotized by the Mind Trick
Padme and Anakin sat on a field on Naboo. Anakin had been tasked with protecting her
from assassins, as she was a senator now and not a queen. She had a great deal more smarts and experience now, and mind tricks would not be very effective on her. Just the other day, Anakin had reassured her saying that mind tricks only affect the weak minded. Padme had smiled haughtily. She was a former queen, and she was definitely not weak willed. A padawan like Anakin could not sway her. Honestly, Padme had found Anakin a bit creepy. She didn’t find him attractive at all. She had felt bad for him and tried to humor him, but she couldn’t find any romantic feelings toward him no matter how much she tried. She was done trying. Things would change soon, however.
Anakin had thought about it, and he was desperate. He wanted Padme more than anything, and he knew she didn’t love him. He was the chosen one though! Surely repeated exposure to a mind trick could make Padme love him…
:iconbobafett12367:bobafett12367 55 11
COM Miraculous Ladybug Hypno by TigersSunshyn COM Miraculous Ladybug Hypno :icontigerssunshyn:TigersSunshyn 143 16 Flandre hypnotized by Aiykawa Flandre hypnotized :iconaiykawa:Aiykawa 106 20 Toygirl! by ladytania
Mature content
Toygirl! :iconladytania:ladytania 188 99
Brainwashed Debutante by Biliocho Brainwashed Debutante :iconbiliocho:Biliocho 69 0
Hi I fixed the posting problem.  Part of the problem was the "Featured" folder is full and ran out of space.  That happens a lot in Deviantart Groups so I created a new folder called "Featured 2"   Please post your works in that folder from now on.  

Things should run smoothly now, but if there is a problem, let me know. :)
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Mrs. Sandman TRANCE II by The-Sandman-2017
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Mrs. Sandman TRANCE by The-Sandman-2017

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