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Time Eccentric - II

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Time Eccentric (II)

Time stop.
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would be even better if it moved.... :P

(I love your dragon animations though they freak me out) :D
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it does move - it's just that I wanted something static here because of the hand so I just took an image
but don't worry the wheels are part of my old projects that are meant for a remake
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I'm a big fan of your work, and this is also exceptional.

I do wonder, however, if it would be improved if the "cracked" texture--necessary both in terms of adding interest/breaking up the solid gears, and in expressing a sense of being worn down over time--were applied a little more "intentionally" to each of the gears individually, rather than to the image itself? It would lend a little extra realism to what do appear to be rather... graphic wheels, helping integrated them with the more artistically-rendered arm.

A good composition, too. I like the way the hand and lines of... err... structure (?)... lead the eye up through the image. There's a set of gears, from the top left, down through the center, which lead the eye back to the hand and give the viewer a chance to look at the details of it, and lends a bit of a "rise and fall" emphasis that reinforces the idea of hanging on. ...The message would have been quite different if the structures all simply lead the eye downward... it wouldn't emphasize that "cyclical" quality that this design has.
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when I first wrote the program for the wheels I wanted to add the textures individually for each wheel because they actually spin like in a real system and I did but then I wrote a different version of the program more complex in some ways less in others and so no textures there yet
but this is about to change because I am trying to generate the wheels with textures and adapt them for stereo view
so bear with me a little more :D
thank you
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wow the details really bring it to life
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:wow: I really like hand :D Looks awesome :+fav:

Funny that i discovered you as a programmer but you seem to have some skill decent skills in drawing too :D Great works keep up(i mean both :D)
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programming is just a part of the art i do :D
the others are drawing, painting, sculpting and I think I like sculpting the most
however it's hard to make the sculptures move in real life... but I'm working on it :D
thanks again for stopping by
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:D :D :D May be then make some program for sculpting virtually :D
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well I am about to do that... just yesterday got some Delphi units for video capture that I'll be using for position capture of one or few 3d pointers and that combined with an earlier stereo vision system I designed (totally immersive environment) I will start sculpting - NO MORE GRAVITY and drying time and real stuff like that (there will be some disadvantages too but I'll make the best of it)
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Hehe :D Would be interesting to see some recording how you do stuff in it :D Would love to see it :D
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promise when it's done I'll be posting some of the stuff... unfortunately I think i'll wait till next year - at least with the stereo part cause I need two LCDs - I have a few other methods though
anyway when it's done you'll know :D
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There are a few things to be said about this one.
It's basically a combination of computer programming (wheels) and drawing (hand).

I wrote the computer program in Pascal and Assembler (yes, I still use that old stuff for graphics). A group of connected wheels can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse and they do turn even if in this picture I chose to "stop the time". The final rendering introduces the shadows, texture, and of course the resolution can be very big. The original image (without the black margins) has about 4000x10000 pixels.

Ok, enough with the technical part for now.
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I"m just beaten///
What to say
don"t I know
it"s simply amazing
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Wonderful, I love this kind of art, also the quality of this one is sublime!!! . . . Excellent Work.
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Interesting how you've showed us the inside of a mechanism and his arm. Nice parallel.
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Amazing! I love the concept behind this one. :+fav:
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