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The Theory Of Empty Space

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go for full-view to see the PNG file with the gradients preserved

will also be turned into a sculpture
the telescope comes out of the eye and has no other contact point
I'm planning to use some empty aluminum or PVC tubes for the telescope and the thing that goes through the eye should be a filled aluminum tube that continues through the body and his leg and then goes into the stand
next add some clay on the structure for the body and that should do it
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Reminds me of Gerald Scarfe and Pink Floyd, very interesting
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That is the most brilliant!!!
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WOW!! This is Very Creative! What An Imagination You Have. Unbelievable,Amazing and Awesome Work. :clap:
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this cracks me up. no idea why.
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The first thing I said when I seen this was Wow intresting as all your work is :) Great job.
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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what the f*ck....thats effin hoy
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have you sculped it yet ? will be hard to get it ballenced i think, mabey not as much as it looks as pvc is not that heavy. but still it looks quite hard =P
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not yet. I know it will be hard to balance but I kinda think I can do it (just gotta be really careful)
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It reminds me of the last film in The Animatrix anthology- Matriculated! So cool....
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you totally freak me out with your neverending creativity! this is great - can't wait to see it as a sculpture
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Ow.. telescope in the eye 8-(
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OMG... Firstly, without reading the title of your great work, I was thinking that it was a syringe point to and not a telescope coming out of the eye. My interpretation was totally different once I realized the real meaning of this pic.
The human imagination has no limits.... :)
Great work! Congrats.
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Wow...It's...amazing...I love your idea and you style
...and good luck for the sculpture :):hug:
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i loved the title..
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maybe you should let him rest his left hand on the back-edge of the stage, so you can have all the edges covered by a hand. otherwise i love how the telescope looks like an actual serringe injecying light in that empty space. and if i spoiled anything here do hide the comment :P
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Wonderful as always!
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