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EnayolProfessional General Artist
I really like this illustration, I used it for a long time as a background on my cell phone ♥
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hypnothalamusProfessional General Artist
:) that's nice ! I'm in the process of editting it a bit for a book and printing - probably gonna repost it in a few days along with a few others
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BlainiHobbyist General Artist
beautiful disaster ^^
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Great concept !
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celladooreHobbyist General Artist
I like how the only great source of light is the lantern, and the contrast between the dim blue and bright-ish yellow :D
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Kiara-MichelleHobbyist General Artist
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LittleMissAriesHobbyist General Artist
I love the idea of his lantern hat! :D
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PowerMetalFedelloStudent General Artist
Man, you have really good ideas and a very good drawing. I love that guy's lantern-hat
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SkrillexxFHHobbyist General Artist
Creepy but epic. ^.^
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Chipchinka Writer
This just blew me away. Brilliant!
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Awesome ! I love it !
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This is beautiful, perhaps my favorite of your work! Hello from Imgur! :)
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isaradia-v2Hobbyist Digital Artist
same here! ^_^
i must agree this really is beautifully forlorn if that makes any sense.
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TinyCreatureHobbyist General Artist
J'aime beaucoup celui ci...
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KisekiGeijutsuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is my favorite, just by looking at it, you can feel somewhat, calm and strange.
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Love your work, it's amazing how you achieve such expressive images with a few very strong and effective elements
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who-the-moon-isHobbyist Writer
This piece just reaffirms my belief that I could happily wander around a museum looking at your art on the walls. :) Great style.
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Wow I love this! I feel like I can relate to the art because when I think of something in my head the style is somewhat vague. When something is vague the lines kinda fade for me and I get a result in my brain similar to this style.
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it feels like more time rather than darkness

if my days are over I think that will be the guy who will said to me, "time over this will be your last travel"
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IllustrumStudent Digital Artist
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Zak05Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I like how the light gives his face a very waxen look.
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wicked! love the lighting and colors.
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