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Blood Dragon

right click on the animation and activate loop


the code I wrote for this project generates a continuous knotted non-intersecting tube on which I can apply texture, normal map, displacement map, with simple reflection and/or lighting

it was written in Delphi/Pascal and the renderer is also from personal code (no hardware acceleration) but I'm planning to switch to OpenGL
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I am sitting with a real life personal crisis... and I found this flash; I've been staring at it for about an hour now...  thanks for making this, its very therapeutic 
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oooo this looks like something you would find floating in a bell jar in the beast's attic 
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mesmerizing... :heart:
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This is awesome!  you really did this just by coding? woa........ truly amazing! 
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yes it was generated by code - just like this one:
Draken by hypnothalamus
in time I will be implementing this (in a more interactive way) in my free sculpting software that I will be releasing this year :
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that sounds amazing!!
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A lava lamp! With thorns!
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Woah, that's just amazing!
How long did it take you to animate this?
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it was generated by code with minimal interaction from me
in time this will be part of my free sculpting software :
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Very cool , thank you !
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This is so amazing <3
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Love how the reflection of the window warps and stretches. Very well done!
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This is so cool, but I cant take my mind off how much putting your arm in the middle of this would hurt
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its an interesting way to look at it...really cool
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