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November 15, 2011
Draken by *NegativeFeedback
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by primordialsea
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the code I wrote for this project generates a continuous knotted non-intersecting tube on which I can apply texture, normal map, displacement map, with simple reflection and/or lighting

it was written in Delphi/Pascal and the renderer is also from personal code (no hardware acceleration) but I'm planning to switch to OpenGL


I would like to thank *Holophite and $Moonbeam13 for getting this DD
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WOW! How did you do this?
hypnothalamus's avatar
some programming - basically simulating some "physical" rope
InspiredByArt321's avatar
You made this?! So cool!!!
LadyoftheApocalypse's avatar
Ewwwwwww!!! In a really cool sort of way!:D
zanyonepip's avatar
Jesus knows what combination of drugs inspired this?
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Wow and here I thought it was just a model with a moving texture added to it...looks like some really complex work is going on here!
metkich's avatar
seriously sick!( in a totally positive way.) This is how I imagine a 3d game of snake enclosed in a sphere would look like towards the end.
Pardon my possible ignorance, is this great work fractal, I'm old but I ain't dead yet!
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It's not a fractal - I created it using simulation: some repulsive forces acting on particles that make up the "tube".
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Superb and amazing!!!!!!!
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Holy... fuckin'... shit...
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Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) Ouuuu...Yesssss...
scottbotfieldart's avatar
wow, thats my bipolar mind working overtime..very cool!
dangerfan's avatar
Damn you!  I've just spent the last 18 hours staring at this!   :iconhypnotizedplz:
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Absolutely stunning work man!
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So beautiful, so mesmerizing.
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