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Welcome to Hypnosis Mic, an ambitious music/rap project consisting of twelve seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) playing characters in the Hypnosis Mic world.

For more information, check out these links:

Official Site:

Official Twitter:

Unofficial English Wiki:…

Unofficial English Tumblr where translations of songs, drama CDs, and interviews can be found:

Unofficial English Twitter Account which provide translation from other stuff, such as Nico Rap Battle recaps, live and collab events, etc:

English Scanlation Group working on the HypMic manga series: slugtranslation-hypmic.tumblr.…

**The admins are not affiliated with any of the links above, so they may be taken down if requested.

Gallery Folders

Buster Bros
BB! by ghost-byun
[FanArt: HypMic] Brofist by Migi47
After Battle by bambinano
Hypmic | Sunshine City by Kanlamari
Ichiro Yamada
ichinii by 94bpm
Ichiro Yamada by Ceykii
Ichi 2122020 by Elitahime
Ichirou yamada from Hypmic by BadArtMaKaMaTi
Jiro Yamada
Happy Birthday Jiro! by ComikTragedy
Hey Yo! My name is Jiro! by foxcada
[FanArt: HypMic] Older!Jiro by Migi47
hbd Jiro by mofuyuu
Saburo Yamada
There you are, onee-chan by KaenVIII
MimiSaburo by KaenVIII
HypMic Homage - Hamilton by ArtieDrawings
Saburo u_u by 94bpm
Mad Trigger Crew
mtc in animal crossing by Ninja-Doggo
Mad Trigger C*m - preview by Animefanka
MTC by HardOtakuVivver
[FanARt: HypMic] Hungry by Migi47
Samatoki Aohitsugi
Mr. Hardcore by KaenVIII
HBD Samatoki 11.11.2020 by AnaNoka
Mahou Shounen Samatoki by foxcada
Mr Hardcore by foxcada
Juto Iruma
Hb Jyuto by angel-athena
45 ||2nd DRB // 3rd Battle by angel-athena
Night view by syraens
Bayside - Syraens by syraens
Rio Mason Busujima
Rios by Ninja-Doggo
Rio n Tuxedo Sam by Ninja-Doggo
Rio Showin Off by Ninja-Doggo
Crazy M by Ninja-Doggo
Fling Posse
Fling Posse: they are photogenic [sketch] by ssherine
Crown For Fling Posse by HoshiRoshi
Stella by nomitou
Stella! by U-M-A-R-I
Ramuda Amemura
Rumuda Amemura by HoshiRoshi
Gentaro Yumeno
Reunion by KaenVIII
Dice Arisugawa
Dice being homeless by nomitou
SHOWDOWN by YuraFurube
Jakurai Jinguji
Jakurai's God Complex by ssherine
Hifumi Izanami
DYE by YuraFurube
Doppo Kannonzaka
DYE by YuraFurube
Dotsuitare Hompo
takoyaki by ohirune
Sasara Nurude
sasara by 94bpm
Rosho Tsutsujimori
Rosho with Jyuto's clothes ??? by YulianaPie26
Rei Amayado
Bad Ass Temple
Kaigen by Chickin-Nuqqest
Kuko Harai
Evil Monk by KaenVIII
Jyushi Aimono
Jyushi Aimono by AvesAoi
Hitoya Amagumi
WD Hitoya by angel-athena
Party of Words
Nemu by Ninja-Doggo
Otome Tohoten
Ichijiku Kadenokouji
ichijuku please hold me in your strong arms by nyxborne
The Dirty Dawg
Ramuda x Jakurai by Zecchaim
Cross Battles
aka siro by ohirune


Hey, let's battle! Welcome to the Hypnosis Mic group. Let's rap our hearts out.

Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfBe respectful to other people, despite what Hypnosis Mic is supposed to do.

Bulletblue by Wooded-WolfUpload art, fics, cosplay, whatever into the right folder.

Bulletyellow by Wooded-WolfShips are okay!

Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfDon't forget to put on mature filter for your mature pieces.

Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfThese rules are subject to change.


Bulletblue by Wooded-WolfFolders with character names are for pieces with that individual only.

Bulletyellow by Wooded-WolfFolders with group names are for pieces with multiple members of that group.

Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfCross Battles are for pieces that include multiple people from different groups.

Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfCross Battles can also be used for traditional crossovers to and from different series.

Bulletblue by Wooded-WolfThe Dirty Dawg will be for The Dirty Dawg era art (meaning current leaders in one piece will still be in Cross Battles.





This is a group about a Japanese multimedia franchise (with manga, anime, music, merch, stage plays, mobile game, etc.) about a bunch of anime boys singing.

Are we all clear on that?
I am assuming that a majority of people joining this group know about HypMic or, at least their characters, and perhaps they want to share their works or want to look at good looking art of the guys and ladies of this franchise on their feeds.
...not exactly the opposite. I want to reiterate that... could newcomers read first about what the group is about before joining it? And its rules? And take a look at the pics that are in this group? All before clicking the "joining" button?
I know that this is DA we are talking about and that Eclipse is... well... not exactly 100% good nor 100% intuitive (and I'm using this on desktop, not sure how people are getting this still-messy experience in mobile) to navigate through (all the groups' pages format is still old-good-pre 2020 DA days, to mention an obvious example).
And because this is DA we are speaking about, as well, I know that this site is some kind of wild west for kink/fetish related works and so on.
Oh, just to be clear: I'm not kinkshaming, at all.
I also understand that the first thing that happens when this series' title has "hypnosis" on it, is maaaaybe someone assuming it's about the kink or fetish about "hypnosis" or "hypnotizing", when it's really not...? (this is only if you don't know what HypMic is about... also, I'm not saying that perhaps there couldn't be an overlap with these two things... but I don't think this is the group nor place to talk further about it? lol).
I'm writing this so I could explain an incident that I found out about a hour ago in my watchlist notification feed (and I assume that many of you may have encountered it or not yet). These submissions have already been removed from the folder they were in and I guess from the group itself, but they are still in the notifications because DeviantArt. And while I understand the user's intent to promote their (completely unrelated to HypMic, btw) work through submissions... uhm... this is not the group to do so. Sorry. If you stumble into this group and you are not into HypMic and just want to join blindly to promote your work... I kindly ask you to look for other groups, because this isn't one of them.
In conclusion, if you are a newcomer to the series or you just stumbled into this group about anime boys singing, could you take your time reading about the group, regardless? There's the "Group Info" tab giving a basic synopsis of what HypMic is about, and so is the Introduction of the main group's page... like I said, this is all based in how I'm seeing this in desktop, so I'm in the dark about how this actually looks in mobile.
I'm sorry if the tone of this journal is all over the place, and I am just reminding the obvious... and DA is definitely not helping me about it.
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Hello I'm new here. Wonder if there's a way to promote Hypnosis Mic fanbook here? Currently we are opening pre-order for The Dirty Dawg fanbook. (you can see more information on my journal!) Maybe you guys interested to see and have it [Patreon] SansFangirl4Life Icon 
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Sorry for late answer! I haven't been on here lately. But that goes in Cross Battles.
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