Can't live without Part II + important HIV support

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[Can't live without + important HIV support!]

Many many photographers have thanked me for my previous article (cant live without) that is now the most popular (or what i prefer to call it, most appreciated) article this month in the photography news section, and all i can say to all of you is: Thank YOU, DON'T thank me! You are the ones that spend time to capture these beautiful pictures and its my pleasure to feature your work!

After multiple incoming requests to put together a new collection, I have looked threw alot of galleries and I am now ready to show you all out there some of the most beautiful work on DA, ever! Each and every one of these pictures are special and means alot to me and other deviants! Don't forget to tell the photographers how great they are! Enjoy the feature and i will see you all soon again!

This article represents what we [cant live without], like other people, children, nature, animals, love, music etc [[[And most importantly]]], we cant live without peoples help, understanding and respect towards [HIV]!

December 1'st marked the the 27th Anniversary of HIV's discovery and just because that day has passed does not mean that it's ok to forget and go on rest of the year without this in our minds!  Alot of people have heard of this syndrome but not alot people really understands what it really is, other people are to afraid to see the truth and closes ther eyes to this. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This is the virus that causes AIDS, the virus that attacks the immune system.

What this virus does is that it finds and destroys a type of white blood cell that the immune system cant go on without, leaving our body weaker and weaker. With your body fighting, the virus can't make as many copies of itself. What most of you don't know is that the virus may also attack your brain tissue and slowly cause damage there. After 27 years there is still no cure for this virus, though new more powerful medicines that holds the virus back longer time are being developed today!

we have to respect this and open our eyes! Just because you or your family doesn't have this, does not mean that you should care less!  


:thumb102944887: n o i r by bitterev:thumb102021474:
Budapest ::2 by MisterKey solitude by serhatdemiroglu:thumb83577485:
Modern 002 by brenz89:thumb104144772:
talking umbrellas by JoannaRzeznikowska:thumb59251494::thumb101201433:
Leave - Don't by ennil:thumb97586227: 13 by recepgulec

Mature Content

.: sept :. by GokhanKaraag
ruggine - tastare by bagnino
12263 by malkiewicz There's no one in this life by tugbaakdag:thumb101376193:
-conversation- by fangedfem:thumb96017837: tribute by NuclearSeasons

Poison prince by iNeedChemicalX:thumb99881172: Infinity Ocean by annikenhannevik
Encounter by fursid lusinbufotoyaisimbulamadi by ERAYDIN husband and wife by DCMprod
:thumb73785662: Only Human by TodirutVlad Quandary by AhmetSelcuk
shadow advertising by danzdayz rasisci by makaronz alone with you by negateven
Redid in action by Ouylle STEPH YAP Delicate by therush729 Fotoracconto - Momenti rubati by Amersill

Forced supervision by Nullermanden Friends by JACAC Chiapas by MarcoFiorentini:thumb104960716:
:thumb67289019::thumb83661097: Lisa_8 by elendill Did you say goodbye? by Boonya
Fading away by gilad A Scream by EvilxElf Ivan by mauricioestrella Happy Animals_ by snowmask


Lightening by juslisten666 of the two dreams by equivoque:thumb105385466:
Born Baby by katie490 Gimme Five by Le-Kwi Baby Toes by ninazdesign
Snow White by Healzo:thumb92187668::thumb83681113:
Kill Rock'n'Roll by dyingFORdreams   Gief candy by deeef:thumb104854721:
Don't think about it by Ouylle Peek-a-Boo by hersley Allo. by tjerbile

How To Steal A Kiss by Teeslpscreations She's mine by lironc Sweetness sleepless. by Be-at How Long Would it Take.... by TikiLlanes
Untitled 2 by josepaolo:thumb68921384: Emin SB by OkTaYBiNGoL I miss you, mum ... by vvejaa
Discontent by Nullermanden:thumb58355306: Ivana a Danka 2 by Lubitelweb
laugh. by rhapsouldize Fly Away by hersley Country Kids by avotius: Footprints by prettyfreakjesper
Baby BW by lehPhotography Pure Joy by chashmish Hanging out with daddy by naoram:thumb44268016:

That Hat by equivoque R.I.P. C.M.O.T. 2 by bQw Sri Lanka : refugee camp 7 by arnaudlegrand
Be Honest by hersley This Kiss by Esmaice Bush Folk by jaiyen
Splash of Happiness by josepaolo Hold on by therush729 ? by PlemnikSzatana
The blues are still blue by CameraDude Finger and Nose... by sergey1984:thumb101163623:


: In blue by claraXY:thumb105299932: frostbite III by choco-latteXOXO
soft light II by tangleduptight silver bells by nakedlady:thumb104265782:
Hivernale by julie-rc pale dream of summer.. by Preludium:thumb74101938:
c a m o m i l e - t e a by Pistacjova Born to try by thailinh Daisies by ThErEaLDoLLyFrikka
:: Forget me not :: by Whimsical-Dreams Forever you by xmarvel Flower Tree v2 by chirilas
taste of spring 3 by MorkOrk Solace of Ordinary Humanity by WakenTheDead weed 2 by MorkOrk
somewhere in Fairyland by nakedlady Forever-Always by TerrorCookie purple moons by prismes
Light Blue by eyedesign:thumb104746879: : mornin' love : by hellfirediva
::ILLUSIONS:: by onixa nine. by Proseuche I have a secret.. by Moowna
:thumb87453366: 103 by rootkit0:thumb90234105:
Spot the Spider by FaMz Square: swirl by sidh09 Melancholy Babe... by IgNgRez
:thumb88714635: Magic... by onealz .:SUNSHINE:. by onixa
drops's love at the sunset by sinanTR:thumb92100062::thumb91985028:
yellow duo by Aimelle DREAMS by foart:thumb95073855:
hot cold contrast by Floriandra CCXXIII. ..summer memories by behherit ::Crystal Clear:: by onixa
:thumb92277850: Tulip by WindyLife ::bubbly heaven:: by onixa
::R O M A N C E:: by onixa May... by onixa ::Shine:: by onixa
:thumb104941417: Limetree by Moyrah:thumb66483198:
:thumb104015777: Heavenly Scent by onixa peaceful breeze. by Whole-Heartingly Frozen Fruit by Turgoose


:thumb88997729: Moment by Juchise:thumb105259879:
Birds...II by denis2 089 by burara Butterfly 1 by Voodoo-Dollie
Heron by TB-Photo:thumb19209838: Here comes the rain again by ahmetfuatocak
:thumb104969570::thumb104815680: sweet cat by G-pic
Gulls+Crows: endgame by Coigach Cat. by Mysbert:thumb105108946: Butterfly by Genetrix205

:thumb103872980: what you got for me there? by midsummercharm Curious by matteaton
wildcat by lemmelei:thumb89677686: Duality of Purpose by TruemarkPhotography
in jail by M-Ghazi:thumb103041628::thumb61791730:
Quaker parrot by la-niebla Love Bird by fremlin Bird by TPorter

:: en garde :: by hellfirediva:thumb93701719::thumb103958540:
:thumb105135577: Definition of balance by el3sl:thumb103783927:
Joy by AF--Photography Hiding by AF--Photography the swan by Rohwen
fish by Rott70blue tit by mv79LoveBirds by ChantelStevens
mr. michigan kitteh 4 by rawrtigrrrWaxwing by mv79:thumb104964456:
Scarlet Lady by Kjherstinfly high by kyokosphotos:thumb65987930:
:thumb102814344:crimson swim by mohdfikreemale indian ringneck. by ayoungblood92Parrot by End4000


in a ball of yarn by whereismouse:thumb91469314:Ma raison d'etre by ennil
Pictures of You by Ericana:thumb81467183:conventional love by psychophuk
:thumb81781596:NYC couple by JC-PhotographyForever by WojciechDziadosz
:thumb42619035:.lovebirds. by b-photoCouple of Laughs by bromden
:thumb86120339:I miss you by lovehate-eternalUntitled 16 by ErosTurranos:thumb56227950:
:thumb102471903:Limbs by jessicaleahmarriage by TicK46

Piano by dislocatedgerbilRight Round Original 2 by fallchildphotographyGirls at Piano by padraig13
Guitar by emoboysarehottThe Blues by steeldragonflyWhen it Is All Black and White by Mad4Maximum
Musician V by Amersill:thumb102197413:Broken by demony
Prodige 2 bw by FotoNerdz:thumb57287551:music in smoke by ezghy
Violin player by FaeriedivineThe Blues God by winona92Let The Music Heal Your Soul by aNdikapatRya
The King of Blues by icoman:thumb70129864:Your Music - My Soul by xxAmandaMarie
Funk Band Photography by miilMusic 6 by DrBunsenHoneydew:thumb87853474:
Let's Rock 2 by OoPrincessFraizoO:thumb46231449:music by misYU

Drums and blues by snuffkin:thumb73325161:let the music play by derDommy
Soul -OLD ARTWORK- by RGC3Soul and Body by chakkoLORA _Emre by sandman-f

music by merrie91Dog of Rock by wackycracka:thumb85107362::thumb104366772:
Rebel Soul by VictorJavierHomeless and the Singer by tbfdmthe violin by MotyPestviolin by 0o0o0


The Media Owns My Soul by 00inkGrip of Ana III by farenellphotobroken line.. by xelroyx
asphixiation by nickle-candiThe Media by SNLlover872Media by Kryogen-s-Art
Television Television by kreamythe media 2 by Blink-BlinkBeam Us an Environment by myrnajacobs

Media coverage by KarlCOCD - Part Eighteen by maryana01Influence by XxcemeteryxromancexX.bww by florit

Food.sweets.Drinks etc

ChoCoLaTe Balls by zverchetu:thumb103372472:Happy Birthday Kaela.. by MissNooy
:thumb105322724:try me... by dnzdeniseCupcake love by blessedchild
Hot chocolate by OvessaGuiser Food by WestLothian:thumb75011515:
:thumb59995603:Pizza topping by broalex:thumb69117746:





And marry Christmas :)



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I just saw the piece... thanks for the feature, all of these photos in collection are great!
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Never give someone a HI fiVe.
Save it for marriage. Control yourselves.
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It took me a little while to "find me" there.. I thought you were mistaken.. hah.. thank you.

Favoriting the Journal so I wont miss it!

I really apreciate and you have a great taste in photography as a whole concept.

Loved almost all works you've chosen!

Again, thanks!