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An Alolan Halloween by HypnolordX An Alolan Halloween by HypnolordX
A request by :iconzoastedtoast: for Halloween Hypnofest 2018! He wanted to see  and even helped write the story where Acerola dress up Lana and Mallow as ghost type Pokemon after they were hypnotized to be in a trance. So I went with Mimikyu and Frillish for the costumes. Yeah, before you even say it, I know blue Frillish are always male, but the colors were too good not to use for Lana's costume. Enjoy!

On the hunt for a new spooky location to hold her trial, Acerola convinces Mallow and Lana into checking out a new haunted house to see how it compares to the old one. To their surprise, the ghost Pokémon that live there are immensely powerful, and they're not happy about human trespassers. The ghost Pokémon hypnotize the two into a suggestible state, forcing them to leave. Acerola tries to snap them out of it, but it seems the trance Lana and Mallow is too strong at the moment. Deciding to that the situation would make for a good trial challenge, she decides to have them dress and act like ghost Pokémon instead. Fortunately it turns out the trance fades over time, until then though Lana and Mallow will make for good ghost Pokémon.

Acerola, Lana, and Mallow (Pokémon)
Kaseki95 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018
I love Acerola <33
ZoastedToast Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
I absolutely love this! Both of the ghost Pokémon-based outfits look fantastic, and I agree that the blue color scheme looks amazing on Lana!

Thanks so much!
HypnolordX Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No prob and thanks :D
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